DIY Duct Tape Pocket Holster: For when you need to carry NOW

    We’ve all been there. Standing in the aisle at the sporting goods store staring at the hundreds of options. Inside the waistband? Outside the Waistband? Leather or Kydex? Safariland or Galco? The options are nearly limitless. I’m talking of course, about holsters.

    Anyone who is looking to carry either openly or concealed is going to need a holster that works. Not just for their gun but for their particular situation. Normally I’ll go for the best and that oftentimes leads me to some of the most expensive holsters out there. For this concealed carrier, however, not even the cheapest options available online or at the store were options. In a post found on Reddit, user VladimeersPooteen had created a holster for his Beretta Pico out of duct tape.

    Crude for sure but there is a purpose behind this unusual choice of holster. I contacted VladimeersPooteen and this is what he had to say about his creation:

    I ordered that Beretta to be a pocket carry pistol at wor[k…] While waiting for the pistol to come in the company I worked for went out of business so my secondary plan for it was to be a carry pistol when my wife & I go out & I’m dressed up & can’t conceal my normal EDC.

    So I did some research, found a holster I liked, but would only accept it with the flush fit mags & not the extended grip mags. So I got some leather, tools, & accessories & made a decent leather holster that completely encloses & covers the Pico without ever looking like a gun holster that clips on outside the waistband.

    Pico Leather Holster

    Fast forward a couple months and I get a back injury at work on a Monday. Went to the doctors Monday & was prescribed physical therapy. I had 3 pt appointments & 2 doctors appointments that week. So without time to shop for a pocket holster I recalled an article I read on the USA carry website about making a budget pocket holster in a pinch out of cardboard & duct tape so that’s exactly what I did.

    I didn’t make it because it’s what I could afford, I made it because I needed it tomorrow & had no time to wait. For what it is it does it’s job perfectly: covers the trigger so nothing can get caught in there, keeps it in one set place in my pocket, and creates a large square print outline in my pocket.

    Just goes to show that like in most cases, necessity is the mother of invention.

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