POTD: German Fernspäher with suppressed Heckler & Koch G36

    We’ve had a look at German Fernspähers before, but it’s time again.

    Behind enemy lines – these Specialized Scouts train to be able to infiltrate land, air or water deep into hostile territory.

    Above, we see a soldier with a suppressed Heckler & Koch G36, equipped with the Eotech EXPS3-0 and magnifier G33. At first glance it looked more like a HK machine gun.

    G36 equipped for training.

    Below: During training on the military training area around Klietz (Germany) the scouts have the opportunity to shoot from a moving canoe. Note the laser tags.

    Scouts armed with cameras – military paparazzis!

    They can move by motorboat or canoe for stealth.

    Amphibious transfer and infiltration.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the exercise ended with a pretty serious boating accident. It is unknown at this stage how many Heckler & Koch rifles went missing…

    All photos by the German Bundeswehr and Christian Vierfuß.