[TriggrCon 2019] Dead Foot Arms’ SCW 2.5 PDW Brace

    At the TriggrCon 2019 range day, Dead Foot Arms was one of the exhibitors showing off their folding stock system. The Dead Foot Arms SCW 2.5 PDW Brace was unveiled at the TriggrCon range day.

    For those of you not familiar with Dead Foot Arms (DFA), they make a folding AR stock that is a little different than other options on the market. When you think of a folding AR buffer tube you tend to think of the Law Tactical folding adapter. The Law folder sits in between the lower receiver and buffer tube. Using a spacer plugged into the back of your bolt carrier group, you can now fold your buffer tube out of the way for a shorter OAL making it easier to store in a smaller space or bag. The downside to this design is the fact that your buffer tube is folded out of the way. The latest versions of the Law Tactical folders are strong enough that you can fire a single round, assuming you have one chambered. However, due to the Law Tactical design, you need to deploy your buffer tube and pull the charging handle to extract, eject and load the net round to continue firing.

    This is not the case with the DFA folding stock. They use a proprietary bolt carrier group that incorporates a tiny buffer and springs. You can see this in the photo above.  DFA also showed their FoldAR upper receiver which turns this AR pistol into a double folder. The brace folds to the right while the barrel and handguard fold back to the left.

    The upper receiver is proprietary. It has a button on the side to hold onto the handguard in the folded position.


    With the FoldAR, the overall length of this AR pistol is rather short but it is rather wide.


    On the right hand side is the latch mechanism for holding the barrel in place. As you can see there is not much room for MLOK slots.

    When the latch is closed, it is rather tough to open. They recommend using a piece of brass or a tool to pry the latch open a bit making it easier to pull to unlock the barrel if you want to fold it.

    Dead Foot Arms SCW 2.5 PDW Brace

    Fellow TFB Writer Adam S. sends some rounds down range while checking out the DFA SCW 2.5

    The folding stock and FoldAR upper are not new but interesting to see in person. What is new is the Dead Foot Arms SCW 2.5 PDW Brace.  Just like their folding brace designs, they are utilizing the Gear Head Works Tailhook brace.

    SCW 2.5 left side closed

    Just above the grip beavertail, you can see there is a small triangular protrusion. You reach up with your right hand thumb to press this forward. This is the detent for the PDW arm and allows you to open or close the brace.

    Interestingly the Dead Foot Arms PDW Brace only uses a single arm.

    I asked them “Why does it only have a single arm rather than two arms?” They said it was designed like this to avoid infringing any existing patents. My concern would be trying to use the PDW brace to mortar a round out. Another concern is that this design is not friendly for southpaw shooters.

    No word on pricing but they are taking pre-orders for the SCW 2.5 in September.

    According to DFA’s website, they plan on releasing the SCW in two different lengths as a brace or a stock. We saw the 2.5 but they have plans to make a slightly longer version called the SCW 4 which will allow you to use any regular bolt carrier group.

    We are excited to announce a new product line that will be released in 2019, the SCW Stock and SCW Pistol Brace. The SCW will be offered as a rifle stock and pistol brace, in two variations: SCW 2.5 and SCW 4. Both versions feature our patented modified cycle system technology. The SCW 2.5 features our short MCS Bolt Carrier Group, collapses to an incredible 2.5″ and is the shortest PDW style stock/brace system ever to be introduced to the AR-15 platform, beating out all comparable products by over 1.5″. The SCW 4 is a new twist on the MCS being that it can be used with a full length bolt carrier group, and thus, will not require purchase of a BCG from Dead Foot Arms (no BCG will be included with the SCW 4). At 4″ fully collapsed, it is still the shortest PDW system ever to be released for the AR-15 platform, and now only to be edged out by the SCW 2.5.

    Check out Dead Foot Arms website for more info.

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