SilencerCo NON-NFA Maxim 9

    At a SilencerCo media event, SilencerCo unveiled some new products. One of them is a non-NFA Maxim 9. It was developed a while ago but kept under wraps until now. I got a chance to check it out so let us take a closer look.

    The can on the bottom is not ready for public release.

    non-nfa Maxim9

    As you can see in the photo above, the slide is similar to the regular Maxim9. The real difference is what is in front of the non-NFA Maxim9. They removed all the extra aluminum used for mounting the Maxim9 suppressor baffles and went with a more traditional pistol profile.

    At first glance, the non-NFA Maxim 9 does not seem like anything special until you look closer and understand its role.

    Just like a regular Maxim9, this new non-NFA version has a fixed barrel, delayed blowback and non-reciprocating front end which you can mount a red dot. Why is that important over your standard Glock 17? First off let’s look at the fixed barrel. Since it does not tilt like a Glock barrel, you do not need to use a piston in your suppressor. You can direct thread the can on. Or you could use a trilug adapter on the end of the barrel and use your MP5 compatible suppressor. You can mount any compensator you want that fits 1/2×28.

    Second, think about a red dot that does not reciprocate? This is something you find in race handgun setups. Open division pistols all have a red dot mounted to the frame of a pistol using a custom mount. Why do competitive shooters prefer this over slide mounted optics? One for longevity and second because it does not move it is easier to track your sight through the recoil and get your sights on target faster for a follow-up shot.

    Third is the fact that it is delayed blowback. If you have suppressed a Glock, they are actually not that great suppressed. My Glock 21 is super loud compared to my FNX-45 Tactical. Why? Because of timing. The Glock unlocks the barrel sooner than the FNX-45 Tactical. If you can delay the unlocking of the action, you will have less noise escape out of the ejection port.

    No word yet on the price. But one of the SilencerCo employees said that the parts they removed from the regular Maxim 9 were not very expensive parts. Just bits of aluminum to attach the integrated suppressor. Obviously, there is a slight frame change as well. So the price won’t be drastically different from the regular Maxim 9. They are trying to shoot for around $1,000 for the non-NFA Maxim 9. No word on release date either as this is still in development. SilencerCo is exploring the idea of offering the slide and frame available for regular Maxim 9 owners to convert their own guns into this version if they want to. Oh and one the two samples they had us try, they both had improved triggers. Hopefully that will make it into the production versions

    Obviously, with this non-NFA Maxim 9, there is no tax stamp and so no need to wait. When it comes out you can go to your local gun store, assuming they stock the non-NFA Maxim 9, purchase it and take it home that day. Unless you live in a state that infringes your rights for the sake of idiocy. I mean safety yeah that’s the malarkey they use to rationalize things like wait times. Or if you live in a state where you cannot have threaded barrels.

    Hopefully, SilencerCo comes out with this new non-NFA Maxim 9 soon.

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