SPB And Austria Arms Inspect The B&T VP9 – Bond Style

    Austria Arms

    We all have our “Grail Guns” – firearms that we have lusted and yearned after for years but may not have the means to obtain. Given the opportunity, and resources, we’d jump at the chance to own that one gun that might as well be in a museum and unavailable to the masses. At the top of my list is the B&T VP9 pistol and suppressor kit. But because the VP9 is so rare, shows like SHOT are the only place you can actually handle them. In a new video, Sapiens Para Bellum and Austria Arms walk us through the B&T VP9 kit – Bond Style.

    Update: Win The B&T VP9 “Modern Welrod”

    About six months ago, we teamed up with B&T to rename the VP9 for the U.S. market. The contest was simple: submit a proposed name for the new B&T pistol in a Silencer Saturday post and win a VP9. I am happy to report that one lucky TFB reader has won the naming contest and that an announcement will be made here on the blog shortly. The winner was picked by B&T USA, so all your bribes and offers were accepted, but made no actual difference in the outcome.

    I don’t want to jump the gun on the announcement or steal B&T’s thunder on the product release, so we’ll have to wait just a little while longer for the full story.

    Until then, check out the video sent to Erik via SPB and Austria Arms. It’s well done. Don’t forget to turn on closed captioning unless you are fluent in German.

    SPB And Austria Arms Inspect The B&T VP9 – Bond Style

    Published on Jul 21, 2019 – Sapiens Para Bellum

    Back to business – wir sind wieder am Start. Ihr musstet lange warten aber nun belohnen wir euch mit dem aufwändigsten Intro aller Zeiten! Im Video gehts tatsächlich um eine Waffe! 😎

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