SILENCER SATURDAY #58: Win The New B&T Modern Welrod Pistol

    Welrod Pistol

    Good day everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, a place where I dream about NFA deregulation, where one day all Americans will have access to supppressors, regardless of the the color of their guns. I know, I know – keep dreaming. Last week we walked through some of our SHOT Show finds and I’ll include a few more in this week’s episode. But let’s revisit a topic we discussed late last year, the development of a modern Welrod pistol – the holy grail of integrally suppressed weapons.

    But first, a mea culpa: last week I vented some frustrations I had with B&T USA publicly here on the blog. That was a mistake and I’ve apologized to B&T and now to you, our readers. The good news is that I had a long conversation with B&T leadership and we’ve come up a plan for better communication and information sharing. It’s going to be a win for everyone. It was a misunderstanding and I’m glad we have worked out a path forward.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #58: Win The New B&T Modern Welrod Pistol

    A few weeks back we discussed the potential for a modern Welrod pistol. For silencer nerds like myself, a closed-action integrally suppressed pistol is an unobtainable grail gun. Until now.

    Welrod Pistol

    B&T will soon* be introducing the VP9 ‘Veterinary Pistol’ to the United States. Except that it will not be named the VP9 – one of YOU will name the new pistol. Here are the details:

      1. The winning name should pay respects to the Welrod and its historical significance.

      2. B&T USA will choose one (1) winner and they will receive one (1) B&T “Welrod” pistol.

      3. In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen based on submission time.

      4. All laws, rules and regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law. Individuals entering the contest must meet all legal requirements for the purchase, acquisition and ownership of a firearm and a silencer regulated by the National Firearms Act.

      5. B&T USA is owns this contest and can update or change the requirements at anytime.

    Submission details:

    Fill out the following form:

    Multiple submissions are allowed. Spamming is not.

    And no, I’m not eligible to play and will be buying my own B&T Welrod pistol.

    *We are still months away from the B&T’s integrally suppressed pistol being available to the U.S. market.

    The pistol itself is still undergoing a few design changes and will most likely look and operate slightly different than the VP9 currently available in the EU.

    2019 SHOT Show Silencers – Part 2

    Published on Jan 30, 2019 – TFBTV

    SilencerCo is coming out with an adaptable .22 LR suppressor wherein a user can change the configuration of the tube to either match a handgun or a rifle at a hearing safe level but also coming in a very small package so as to not take too much space at the end of a muzzle. When these two portions are combined together, they form a larger suppressor that is much quieter than ear safe.

    The .30 Caliber Chimera is combined from two suppressers at SilencerCo, coming together to be a very robust tube made out of steel. The Chimera is one of their strongest suppressors in the product line.

    Being the silencer nerd that I am, the TINY from Thompson mated to a pocket pistol Beretta Tomcat, definitely has my attention. While the TINY is designed as a 9mm can, the .32ACP host combination can be purchased as a package directly from Thompson. The Crawfordville, Florida based company is overhauling their website, so expect details, pricing and additional images to be available shortly. Think of the TINY as a half-sized Poseidon – a monocore, wiped silencer that performs best when run wet (that’s what she…).

    But the beauty of the Sicario is that, with the addition of the SIC adapter described below, the integral pistol becomes a thread-on silencer ready for other hosts in about a minute. I’ve got some neat testing planned out for TBA’s Sicario – comparisons with other Ruger pistols with thread on silencers and metering of the stand alone can itself. With all its internal volume, I’m guessing it should rank pretty high. Now all we need is for the ATF NFA Division to cooperate with my timelines.

    Have a great week everyone. Be safe, have fun and we’ll see you for episode 59 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday.

    And good luck in your chance to win a B&T modern Welrod pistol.

    TFB’s Silencer Saturday is brought to you by Sig Sauer

    Published on Jan 31, 2019 – TFBTV

    The Sig range day was a blast. Check out the capabilities demonstration from the training group! Amazing. Joel Also talks with Sig about their new 3D printed titanium suppressors and the Copperhead. See the 2019 Sig product offerings.

    Published on Jan 12, 2019 – Suppressed Nation

    On this episode of SuppressedNation we take a look at the Switchback from Silencerco. A modular rimfire suppressor with a titanium tube and a stainless steel baffle stack. Rated for 22lr-5.7 and able to handle full-auto. With claims of hitting 108 dBs we couldn’t wait to dive into this newest suppressor we picked up from Hansohn Brothers. All suppressors are provided by our good friends at Hansohn Brothers. Please sign up for an account on their site and email them that your a Fan of Suppressed Nation see discount pricing!

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    Great design! Eliminates the bulky mounting device and allows for a faster attachment. Bravo! From @atecsilencer – @atecsilencer – Here is the A-TEC Reposted from @atecsilencer – @atecsilencer – Here is the A-TEC OPTIMA with A-lock mini. #atecoptima #atec #atecalock#atec #ateca12 #atecpmm6 #atechertz #atecsilencer #atecsilencers #atecoptima #sienceofsilence #lyddemper #ljuddämpare #silencer #suppressor #moderator #schalldämpfer #subsonick #optima45 #atecalock – #regrann #atecoptima #atec #atecalock#atec #ateca12 #atecpmm6 #atechertz #atecsilencer #atecsilencers #atecoptima #sienceofsilence #lyddemper #ljuddämpare #silencer #suppressor #moderator #schalldämpfer #subsonick #optima45 #atecalock

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    Published on Jan 18, 2019 – Silencer Shop

    00:57 I’ve got an Osprey 9 on my glocks and no matter what I do once I start shooting, it rotates 180 degrees. Any advice on how to fix it?
    4:17 I’m waiting on an SDN-6 and a M4-2000. I’ve been seeing some issues with the 51T mounts online. Anything I should be looking out for when mounting them or do to prepare the mounts for when I take possession?
    6:25 What springco spring and weight buffer should I start with on a 10.5″ noveske barrel and non adjustable block? A m4-2000 will be added and stay on it when the stamp arrives.
    8:12 How long are the fingerprints good once submitted on the kiosk?
    9:54 Best acp can. To run on pistols and carbine? Also used on 9mm. Rev45 or Rugged?
    12:32 The closest silencer shop kiosk is in CT, am I able to fill out all the “paperwork” and have my silencer given to me after approval if I live in NY? #LEO
    14:34 Is there a trust you sell up to date with the new NFA rules?
    15:34 Is the ATF processing forms during the shut down?
    16:37 Is the current government shutdown affecting wait times right now?
    18:11 If I already have a gun trust in TX for suppressors, should I use it again for future NFA items in TX?
    18:40 Are Q silencers that good or is it all hype/marketing?
    19:44 Know how the approval process works on the ATF side of things?
    20:30 Do you have any for a Mossberg 30-06?
    21:46 If the ATF cashed my check in May but we’re in the middle of a GOV shutdown, when will I get my suppressor?
    22:46 Which suppressor would you suggest for the vector?
    23:57 Form 1 service back on site?
    25:06 Do you guys have a silencer that can handle 7.5″ 556?
    25:57 Can you my Turbo 556 silencer with .22 rimfire rounds?
    26:58 Is the silencerco hybrid good on 44 magnum?
    27:57 What is the preferred/recommended method to clean 22 can baffles? Ultrasonic cleaner?
    29:02 Any future automation in the NFA process coming to speed up the approval process?
    29:49 When will care packages roll out for folks that did eforms1 through y’all?
    30:32 Best can for 6.5 creed?
    31:40 Best recommended quick attach solution? Dead Air, Q, etc?
    33:02 Where can I get that hat? It’s cool!
    33:44 Opinions on 5.56/223 cans that attach to A2-style muzzle devices (Gemtech?)
    35:43 Thoughs on a Surefire Socom556 R2?
    36:59 Is there a can I could put on a 45cal and 9mm pistol and if I wanted to I could use it with a 556 or maybe possibly a 7.62?
    38:15 Can you clean a rifle suppressor?
    39:31 What’s the average leadtime for ATF approval pre shutdown?
    39:43 Beginner can for Walther P22 not too unwieldy
    41:20 Quietest .338 can?

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