POTD: Iraqi Security Forces with AK-47s

    Photo Of The Day – we travel to Al Taqaddum, Iraq, to look at Iraqi Security Forces who practice combat marksmanship with AK-47 assault rifles earlier this year.
    The range training is part of the development of the Iraqi soldiers’ individual skills and confidence to operate the Kalashnikovs.
    Perhaps this wasn’t a live-fire exercise at the time when the photos were taken, but I cannot see any type of hearing protection anywhere.

    For more information about the Iraqi Armed Forces please check this link.

    Below: Looks like a pretty nice shooting range, with really high berms.

    I am unsure of what the benefits are with this type of camouflage in this area.

    Below: An Iraqi Security Forces member learns the correct way to hold and aim an AK-47 assault rifle at Al Taqaddum, Iraq, May 23, 2019. Iraqi soldiers maintain individual proficiency in these weapons as a critical part of a squad’s firepower. The Coalition and its partners remain united and resolved to prevent the resurgence of Daesh and its violent extremist ideology. (U.S. Army Photo by Spc. Zachary Myers)

    Below: An Iraqi Security Forces member distributes ammunition to troops. The ammo supply point helps control which shooters have live-rounds and contributes to the overall safety of the range. Coalition training programs include courses in areas as diverse as operational planning, counter-terrorism, logistics and sustainment, equipment maintenance, counter improvised explosive device techniques and law enforcement. (Portions of this image have been blurred to protect operational security.)