ISDEF 2019: Fobus APN Concealed Carry Holster

    The Fobus APN holster is the company’s latest IWB offering and is currently for sale in the United States. It is designed as an ambidextrous all polymer IWB holster with a sweat guard and comes in three different configurations; the APN26 for the Glock 26, APN365 for the SIG P365, and the APN43 for the Glock 43 (not mentioned at ISDEF but available on the website is the APN Shield for the Smith & Wesson Shield).

    The outside clip of the holster that will clip over a user’s belt-Miles V

    We don’t often go from right-handed to being left-handed overnight and this is usually the case with personal holster choice. Where I think the Fobus APN really shines would be in shooting courses or training schools that require IWB holsters for their students and might have the firearms in question already in their inventories. At a low price, schools could have these APN holsters on hand and simply switch them out for different students as they come in.

    The angled stub is designed to aid with concealing the holster better in the waistline, in addition to allowing a better grip on the handgun when it is being drawn. It can be completely removed if users don’t like it via the screw at the bottom. In addition, it can be switched to the other side as part of the ambidexterity of the design -Miles V

    The sweat guard is a polymer and has hole cutouts and serrations to aid in pressing the holster against a user’s skin -Miles V

    The left side of the sweat guard, the rectangular ambidextrous switch sits flush against the sweat guard so it won’t dig into someone’s stomach. -Miles V

    The rectangle with the arrow on it is what allows the holster to be reversed. It latches through the flat side of the holster where the “MADE IN ISRAEL” marking is -Miles V


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