The Swedish Police is looking for a new service pistol for 2020

Eric B
by Eric B

It has been 30 years since the Swedish Police Force last changed their service weapons. But they’re now beginning the search for new duty pistols.

The Swedish Police are evaluating several brands and models. In the last few months, the Police have tested no less than twelve different models. In the end, only one will remain which will replace the current SIG Sauers.

Officers from all different branches and all ages are included in testing the potential firearms, and of course both ladies and gentlemen. A key factor when looking for the new service pistol is that the weapon should be more adapted to the work situation. For instance that the firearm can be used by both left- and right-handed officers.

There has also been a lot of debate about the Police Officer’s belts being too heavy, resulting in long term health issues, discomfort and even injuries. So reducing the overall weight of the firearm is another objective. Up to one-third of the weight (of the pistol, not the total weight of the belt) can be removed just by switching to a more modern weapon, according to the Police Authority.

In the media, and especially in the comments and discussions around the articles, there is often a misconception that changing firearms to a lighter one has anything to do with shooting (i.e. making it easier to shoot the pistol as it’s lighter). People seem to think that a lighter overall weight of the pistol always equals making it easier to shoot (i.e. trigger pull). The fact that a light pistol can have a really hard trigger pull seems to have escaped some of the audience. (Hint: Just try the Glock 43)

However, according to this article, an unknown amount of students at the Swedish Police Academy have been forced to leave the education as they didn’t have the hand strength to pull the trigger. ( Google Translate link to article)

To my knowledge, the Swedish Police SIGs have a pull of about 6 kg, about 13 pounds. ( Source)

SIG Sauer P226 (Picture from Wikipedia)

The Swedish Police is currently using the SIG Sauer P225, P226, P228, P229 and P239 (possibly other models as well). According to the source, the SIGs have been working well, but in the last seven or eight years, there have been some quality problems.

For reference, The Swedish Army and The Swedish Customs are both using the Glock 17 ( Pistol 88), but this may or may not mean anything as the needs aren’t really connected.

In Norway, the Police switched from SIG Sauer P226 to P320. The Danish Army recently chose the SIG P320.

Ammunition: The Swedish Police use the 9×19 mm Speer Gold Dot since 2003. ( Source) There is nothing that indicates that they are going to change this ammunition in this instant.

What about the cost you ask? According to the Police, the new pistol will be significantly less expensive than the current ones.

here is the list of 12 firearms that the Swedish Police is looking at (in no particular order):

At this point, we don’t know the exact model and version they are evaluating so see this list as a guide only.

Glock 17 Gen 5 (MOS)

Steyr M9

CZ P-07

CZ P-09

CZ P-10

SIG Sauer P320

Walther PPQ


Smith & Wesson M&P9

Beretta PX4

Beretta APX

Heckler & Koch SFP-9 (VP9)

Sources: Swedish Radio, Omni, Cornucopia

Which one do you think they will choose and why?

In my opinion, they will be going for either the SIG Sauer P320 or the Glock 17. The model will have the capability to mount a red dot. Do I think they will deploy red dot sights straight away? No, but I think they are very interested in the potential, both for training students more efficiently as well as other benefits in the field. And for the pistol to be a little more future-proof.

After all, is said and done, I think the SIG P320 will come out as the winner. This reflects my personal guess.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • EzeAz EzeAz on Jul 07, 2019

    It's Sweden they'll go w either a Nerf or the old school prop pistol that pops out a flag saying Please Stop

  • Eddie Smith Eddie Smith on Jul 07, 2019

    13lb trigger pull? Thats worse than the NYPD pistols and the their firing accuracy is so bad because of it people sometimes joke the safest place to be when a cop shoots is in front of the perp.