Copper Custom Ruger PC Carbine Chassis

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

It seems everyone is now jumping on the Ruger PC Carbine stock wagon. First it was CROM USA and now Miltary Arms Channel. Just recently Tim Harmsen of Military Arms Channel posted on Instagram of his new Copper Custom Ruger PCC chassis. It changes the Ruger PCC into a more modern rifle setup.

As you saw in the video above, The Copper Custom Ruger PCC chassis features two major changes to the PCC stock design. It has a Picatinny rail on the back of the chassis and it accepts AR-15 pistol grips. Picatinny rails on the back of firearms have become increasingly popular. This is in part due to the SIG MPX/MCX design and their assorted stock options. Popularity increased further when people realized you don’t have to have an MPX or MCX to use their folding stocks. In fact, I modified an MP5 and MP5K end cap to mount a folding brace onto said guns. Other companies have followed this trend. Custom Smith Manufacturing has been making adapters for oddball PCCs like the KPOS Scout, B&T’s sub guns and various other firearms.

The video was just a teaser and the resolution was low but it looks like they are keeping the magazine release mechanism. You can see Tim removes the magazine with his left thumb as he grabs the magazine and pulls it out. I would have preferred an extended magazine release so you do not have to use your support hand, just like CROM USA did on their chassis design. I am also wondering if this chassis will only be made for Glock magazines or will it maintain and utilize the factory magazine inserts from Ruger?

As an owner of a Ruger PC Carbine, I like the fact that people are showing support for the weapon platform. For ban states like CA, this chassis would not be all that useful since we cannot have anything scary like pistol grips, collapsing or folding stocks on a semi-auto firearm with removable magazine. But for everyone else living in a free state, this is a cool upgrade. On aspect that I do like is the use of the folding SIG stock. With the barrel taken down, the receiver will take up very little space with the stock folded over making the barrel the longest part of the gun. If you SBR the barrel then you could have a very nifty setup that would fit in a tiny bag.

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No word yet on pricing but check out their Instagram or website for more information.

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Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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