Russian Prototype Agishevsky 9mm PCC

    In the forum of Russian MOLOT Oruzhie‘s website, there is a thread where photos of a prototype 9mm pistol caliber carbine are shared. They call it Agishevskiy pistol-carbine. Although the information about this PCC is very scarce, they shared a number of pictures which will allow us to see some of the key features of this new gun. Let’s take a look.

    New Russian Agishevsky PCC Prototype (5)

    The Agishevsky PCC has a top Picatinny rail and presumably M-LOK slots on the handguard. Apparently, it feeds from Saiga-9 magazines (shown with a PufGun 9mm magazine). The magazine is released by a lever right behind the magwell. The prototype is also shown with a Vepr grip. The lever above the grip should be the safety selector. This PCC also has a collapsing stock.

    New Russian Agishevsky PCC Prototype (2)

    As you can see, the Agishevsky PCC has supper and lower receivers with the magazine well being a part of the upper receiver and the collapsing stock being mounted on the lower receiver.

    New Russian Agishevsky PCC Prototype (7)

    Looks like the trigger mechanism is borrowed from the AK-47 or at least has a similar design.

    New Russian Agishevsky PCC Prototype (6)

    As seen in this photo, the bolt has a two-piece construction. It is unknown if this is some sort of a delayed blowback mechanism or it is done so to be able to easier swap calibers. You can also see the separate charging handle.

    The charging handle of Agishevsky PCC is reversible. The hole at the rear of the charging handle slots is probably used to remove the charging handle during the disassembly process as seen in many other firearms.


    If you have noticed any other interesting features of this PCC, tell us about it in the comments section.

    Apparently, the PCC market in Russia is one of the fastest growing ones. At the end of 2018, we reported about the release of Kurbatov Arms R-701 PCC and the prototype of a pistol caliber carbine developed by Pyotr Mokrushin of Molot Oruzhie. A couple of months ago, we saw another prototype PCC designed by Sureshot Armament Group.

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