NEW Power-Shok, Non-Typical & Fusion 350 Legend from Federal Premium

    fusion 350 legend

    The .350 Legend cartridge was only introduced 4 months ago at SHOT Show 2019 by Winchester, but it is already gaining a lot of momentum as a fan favorite for 2019. In many states, there are admittedly odd restrictions to the cartridges you can use for hunting. Numerous states only allow hunters to use straight-wall cartridges which can be very limiting. This has given rise to new cartridges (think .450 Bushmaster) and adaptations to different platforms (AR-15s chambered in straight-wall cartridges). Federal Premium has a host of new ammunition offerings to satisfy straight-wall cartridge fans with Power-Shok, Non-Typical and Fusion 350 Legend now available.

    Federal Premium is an industry legend in regards to ammunition manufacturing so it is no surprise that they were quick to the market in making this new cartridge for the upcoming fall hunting seasons. Their Power-Shok, Non-Typical and Fusion 350 Legend all offer similar, but individually unique traits for people on the hunt. Some of those characteristics can be read below as presented by Federal Premium:

    • Fastest Straight-Wall Deer Cartridge ever made
    • Significantly Less Recoil than .450 Bushmaster & more Energy than .223 Rem
    • Legal for Hunting in many areas Bottleneck Centerfire Rifle Cartridges are Prohibited
    • Fusion offers Best-in-Class Expansion
    • Non-Typical is specifically Built for Deer Hunters
    • Power-Shok provides Versatile, Reliable Performance on a wide range of Medium Game

    There are likely even more flavors to come in the future from Federal Premium. They also have their American Eagle line which provides shooters with more economical ammo, and their Gold Medal series which is the cream of the crop. For now, these are your 3 choices and their associated price-points:

    • Power-Shok 350 Legend | 180 Grain Soft Point | 20 Count | 350LA | MSRP $26.95
    • Non-Typical 350 Legend | 180 Grain Soft Point | 20 Count | 350LDT1 | MSRP $26.95
    • Fusion 350 Legend | 160 Grain Bonded Soft Point | 20 Count | F350LFS1 | MSRP $32.95

    There are not too many choices right now in the market for firearms chambered in .350 Legend except for CMMG’s AR-15s and some Winchester rifles. With the infancy of the .350 Legend cartridge, is this something you would be willing to try this hunting season? Is the Fusion .350 Legend something you would be willing to send down-range, or would you want to try another flavor from Federal Premium? Let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    fusion 350 legend

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