POTD: Get The Lead Out !

    Today’s Photo Of The Day was found on the social media pages of the Cleveland branch of Shoot Point Blank shooting ranges and gun stores. The picture was accompanied by the following text:

    Ever wonder what happens to all the bullets fired into the range backstop?
    The lead is safely mined or collected and then professionally transported to a lead recycling center.
    Here’s a few images showing the process. “Get Your Lead Out” this week and join us on the range!

    POTD Get Your Lead Out ! (4)

    That’s an impressive amount of fired bullets, isn’t it? But if you think this large bag is all that they collected, check out the next couple of pictures showing that they gathered at least 10 such bags of bullets. Yes, that’s literally tons of fired bullets.

    How many bullets do you think one such bag can contain and how much will it weigh?

    Many thanks to Shoot Point Blank (www.shootpointblank.com) for the permission of using the images.