Concealed Carry Corner: How Much Ammo Should You Carry Daily?

    I’ve seen this debate online a few different times. People saying they either need little to no ammo or 17 back up magazines on their person at all times. Now I know everyone’s different and you may not agree with me one way or another. That’s okay though. We as a community can talk about things and give points of view based on experiences.

    The No Spare Magazine Guy

    There are plenty of people out there who don’t think they need any more ammo than what’s in the firearm. I get why some people may think that. It’s easier to take just the gun, and they will say the normal self-defense engagement is only a few rounds. Summertime is another example of where I see people carrying only their gun. When it’s hot, everything feels way heavier than if it was comfortable outside. I’ve also heard that if you carry a gun, you are already taking steps to keep yourself safe and carrying a spare magazine is paranoia. I know some women especially struggle to carry a spare magazine in certain outfits. I get, sometimes it’s not always possible to carry extra ammo.  It is much easier to work a concealed carry lifestyle when there’s less to carry throughout the day.

    The Guy Who Carries a Full Duty Loadout

    I have met lots of people who believe that more ammo is the way to go. I have even been this person depending on the situation. These guys typically will have as much ammo as humanly possible. These guys typically have enough ammo to supply the whole gang of guys who are hanging out in public together. I’ve had several friends with smaller builds carrying 3-4 spare magazines. This may seem crazy even laughable, but let’s be honest, there is probably at least one friend you can think of that is this person. We all have tendencies to over pack at times or know someone who carries as much ammo and gear as possible.

    The Story of Goldilocks

    You guys may think I’m yelling at the clouds or saying things that should be common knowledge but I promise there are people out there who don’t know this. If you’re about to bombard me in the comments, I’m going to pull a quote from the late Billy Mays “But wait there’s more!”. I totally understand why people don’t carry extra ammo, especially in the summertime. It’s hot out and the logical thing to do is carry as streamline as possible. I’ve also embodied the character Burt from Tremors and carried as much firepower as humanly possible. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing either side because I get the thinking behind both. Here’s my take, keep it simple and carry the adequate amount of ammo that’ll get you home safe. I typically carry either my P226 or Glock 19 with one spare magazine.

    If I can’t handle a situation with that amount of ammo, I probably need to figure out how to get my butt out of that area. You may decide one way or another what’s best for you and that’s totally fine, just be proficient with that setup and own it.  There are places with the best tamales in my city, where I cringe at parking my truck for the hour it takes me to eat my meal. In that situation, I’ll probably side with Burt and have enough ammo to get me and my loved ones far away from there. My thoughts are: carry what’s comfortable for your lifestyle and be proficient with your abilities in carrying. Let me know what you guys think the perfect ammo is and let’s discuss this in the comments. Stay safe and long live delicious tamales.

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