CZ SP-01 Tactical Update – A Cajunized Masterpiece

    A few weeks ago I posted my review of the CZ SP-01 Tactical. The gun was silky smooth from the factory, but I kept hearing what amazing things Cajun Gun Works do to CZ handguns. Once I finished my review and had everything, I packed the gun up and shipped it down to Louisiana to get transformed. Now don’t get me wrong the standard SP-01 Tactical is a fantastic gun straight out of the box. It had a smooth double action and great single action for a stock handgun. I was very skeptical on how much Cajun Gun Works could improve my handgun, but then again I never had one of my guns customized by them before either.


    I did a few tests to see what the trigger weight was on my gun before I sent it in. My standard handgun was sitting around 8.8 double action with an average of 5.2 pounds for single action. When I started looking at different packages, I was torn between the Defensive Carry Package and the Pro Package. I ended up going with the Pro Package. The Pro Package has a new “old style” trigger, reset reduction, race hammer, and upgraded internal springs. The price was just over $450 with parts and installations. I know some of you may say the upgrades aren’t worth the price, I will promise you it’s well worth it.

    When I picked up my SP-01 Tactical back, I took the same trigger gauge and tested out the new trigger. The new double action was 6.8 pounds. I tested it after taking the gun to the range and putting around 400 rounds through the gun. The single action was 3.25 pounds and the reset on the single action is reduced by 50%. it also moves the trigger’s location further back in single action so there’s less take up in the trigger. Other than Cajun Gun Works doing the trigger and internal work, I swapped grips. I ended up picking up some Hogue G10 Extreme grips for the SP-01 Tactical as well.

    Range Time

    I took my Cajunized SP-01 Tactical out and only ran that gun for an afternoon. I put around 400 rounds through it and I was very impressed with how much sharper the gun felt overall. Any bit of travel or slop that was in the factory trigger disappeared, and the gun felt very similar to CZ’s Shadow 2. I’ve spent a good amount of time behind a couple Shadow 2’s and every time they feel really well-built guns. The new Cajunized SP-01 Tactical feels nearly identical to the Shadow 2’s I’ve shot in the past. To be fair the Shadow 2 and Cajunized SP-01 Tactical are nearly identically priced once you pay Cajun Gun Works, but it feels different. In my opinion, the Shadow 2 and SP-01 Tactical are two very different beasts.

    Overall Thoughts

    On social media, people have been asking what I would choose between the Cajunized SP-01 Tactical and Shadow 2. I think if you’re only going to use the gun for competition purposes I would go with the Shadow 2. These are two very different guns and having a Cajunized SP-01 Tactical opens up a lot of possibilities for shooters. Whether it’s competition or concealed carry, the Cajunized SP-01 Tactical can do both. I’ve carried it on several occasions in an ANR Design holster, but my one big complaint is the weight of the handgun. In my first review, my main drawback with the gun is that it’s very heavy.

    Tipping the scale at over 40 ounces it’s not a light gun, but it is one of the flattest shooting guns I’ve used. If the weight of SP-01 Tactical is too much, Cajun Gun Works offers packages for the SP-01 Phantom as well. Luckily, The Phantom is the polymer framed variation of the SP-01. The Phantom weighs in at 29 ounces, which is quite a bit lighter and has Cajun packages available as well. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with how the gun turned out and I plan on running the gun a lot more. Let me know if you guys have had anything done by Cajun Gun Works in the comments below. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to check out my Instagram page and send me a message on there. Stay safe out there.

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