POTD: Carl Gustaf M/96 (1915) in 6.5×55 Swedish

    Today’s Photo is from a beaver hunt. Hunting from a canoe on the water has a special feeling of freedom and harmony.

    Imagine sliding, almost without a sound, over the mirror-like water in tranquility.

    The rifle is a Carl Gustaf M/96, made in 1915. The caliber is 6,5x55mm Swedish Mauser, and the ammunition is the traditional 9 gram silver-plated with plastic tip

    If the rifle is a “classic”, the sight is far more modern. In a Scout Mount (far forward) you can see a Vortex Venom red dot.

    Apart from that, the Carl Gustaf is in its original form. Even the strap is stock. Imagine, it is over 104 years old!

    The backpack is from Vorn Equipment.

    The picture is from JJ – Next Gen Hunting, used with permission. You can find his Instagram here.


    Do you have any similar hunting experiences to share?