POTD: Helm Forge ST-1 Charging Handle Stiletto

    Helm ST1 self defense tool.

    Today’s POTD doesn’t actually portray any firearm, but the connection with the AR-15 is obviously strong. It is the Helm Forge ST-1 self-defense tool.

    At first glance, the item looks like a modern style ambidextrous charging handle, similar for example to the Radian Raptor, sharpened to a needlepoint. A closer inspection shows that the “grip” is monolithic, suggesting that indeed we’re looking at a push dagger designed to look like an AR-15 charging handle.

    The photo comes from the website of Texan knifemaker James Helm, who says the following about this piece:

    On the mid-tech side of things, I came up with a self-defense tool that debuted at Blade Show this summer: the ST-1. They’re waterjet cut from 1/4″ 4140, ground and heat treated, with a Cerakote ceramic gun coating, with Boltaron sheaths.

    There’s no blade, but the tip is quite pointy and beveled.

    According to the website offering these for sale, ST means Stabby Thing… aptly named.

    Here are a few more photos.

    Helm ST-1 on hand.

    Helm ST-1: this photo gives a better idea of the actual size.

    Helm ST-1 top.

    Helm ST-1: detail of the grip.

    Helm ST-1 tip.

    Helm ST-1: detail of the pointy end. The side view still shows the marks of the waterjet cutting process.