Kimber Expands Their EVO SP Family to Include EVO SP Stainless Raptor

    EVO SP RAPTOR (Kimber)

    Kimber have introduced a new entry to the EVO SP family, their line of high-end compact carry 9mm pistols. The Stainless EVO SP Raptor is part of Kimber’s Raptor line of pistols which also includes 1911s. It has top strap serrations and scaled Millenium Wood grips.

    Here’s what Kimber have to say about the Raptor:

    YONKERS, N.Y., April 26th, 2019 — Kimber Mfg., Inc. announced today an addition to their new for 2019 EVO SP™ lineup, the Stainless Raptor.

    Kimber released the EVO SP line of handguns at SHOT Show earlier this year. The striker-fired EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters who demand a dependable, feature-packed, compact-size firearm with the benefits of all metal construction for reduced muzzle rise and enhanced durability. EVO SP was machined to the tightest allowable tolerances in conjunction with multiple hands-on human factors testing, delivering best-in-class user experience and interface.

    The EVO SP Stainless Raptor combines the superb characteristics of the EVO SP line with the patented styling of the Kimber Raptor family. The EVO SP Stainless Raptor features a scaled grip and backstrap set along with aggressive front and rear cocking serrations and a Ferritic NitroCarburizing (FNC) slide with glass bead finish.

    The EVO SP family-wide features include the innovative grip system, which eliminates the need for specialty hardware and the hazard of overtightening screws, a magazine release that can be configured for right or lefthanded shooters, a striker indicator that allows for both a visual and physical confirmation the striker is cocked, disassembly with no trigger press, ledged tritium night sights for single hand manipulations and a sight picture in all light conditions, and a 6-7 lb. trigger with crisp reset. The aluminum alloy frame provides overall integrity and a rigid platform for the stainless-steel barrel, as well as a flared ejection port for enhanced ejection and a beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading.

    All EVO SP models ship with two 7-round magazines.

    The EVO SP Raptor has an MSRP of $949.00. You can find out more about it on Kimber’s site, here.

    You can check out James’ review of the EVO SP here.

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