[NRA 2019] Gray Guns New P365 Compensator

    I had some time to stop by and check out Gray Guns booth this weekend at NRA. Gray Guns has been making aftermarket upgrades for different handguns and recently they started making upgrades for the SIG P320 and P365 pistols. This has been increasingly popular with the John Wick movies showcasing their upgraded P365 ran by Halle Berry. I got to check out the P365 that was used in the film. It was an upgraded version with a straight trigger and Gray Guns signature laser stippling.

    P365 Upgrades

    There is a sea of upgrades for small single stack Glocks on the market today. There have been some aftermarket upgrades for the P365 but as a whole, there are not many options. Gray Guns is trying to fix that with offering parts for the P365 and other pistols. One of their most popular parts is the straight trigger. They recently announced a new compensator for the small carry pistol. It is very similar to the small compensators for Glock handguns and has a single chamber on it.


    All New Compensator

    Gray Gun’s new compensator is rather compact for the P365. The compensator will be made of 7075 aluminum and anodized to match a P365 slide. The barrel will be made by True Precision and will have a Gray Guns proprietary lockup with the compensator. Customers will have options to buy the set as a drop-in package or it can be custom fitted by gunsmiths at Gray Guns. Gray Guns has not announced an exact release date but they are working on bringing it to the market late summer of 2019.

    The guys at Gray Guns have also been working on an adjustable straight trigger for the P365. They also have different packages currently available for the P320. At the show, I saw examples of their competition package for the P320 along with several laser-stippled guns on their booth table. They do a form of laser stippling which gives the frame a very clean look while still offering positive traction on the firearm.

    Overall Impressions

    In the past, I have used Gray Guns products with great results. I’ve always thought the end product is well worth the wait. I have an upgraded trigger kit in my standard P226 and look forward to seeing what else they have in store for future products. In the near future, I plan on trying out the new upgrades and will get back to you guys with the results. If you have questions feel free to leave them below. I want to know what you guys think about accessories for the P365 down below. Stay safe out there.

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