[NRA 2019] Blackwater is Back in Black!

    Blackwater is back and stronger than ever with them bringing some awesome products to market. Now don’t think this is just a company using the Blackwater logo trying to be an imitator. This is the original company with Erik Prince at the wheel trying to make some pretty interesting and innovating products.

    Blackwater Suppressors

    Over the last few years, Blackwater has been developing a quick detach suppressor which can go over a standard A2 birdcage. This has done in the past with attempts from Gemtech and over companies to create an easy suppressor to attach and detach, but many have been complicated to set up or difficult to run overtime. The BWS-1 changes this with a simple quick detach release that can be manipulated with one hand quickly if the need occurs. I was impressed with the overall design and how easy it was to use the suppressor.

    The BWS-1 had some weight to it but gave the feeling that it was robust and well built. It has a stainless steel tube with titanium cores making the suppressor durable over time.  I also liked the aesthetics of the suppressor. The glass breaker built into the end brings the whole suppressor together with the circle cut at the muzzle end. The BWS-1 suppressors will be available later this year.



    Blackwater is attempting to revolutionize the ammunition market as well. They have been working on a wide variety of calibers. Their bullet casings are made out of various aluminum alloys and lightweight material to keep the weight down as much as possible for when weight counts. The new 50 BMG rounds have a 40-50% weight reduction with the improved monolithic bullets and improved casings. They said their round is one of the only rounds on the market which are PVC coated black to resist corrosion over time. I was impressed with the level of science Blackwater is sinking into their ammunition.

    In my opinion, this is not a quick cash grab using a brand that everyone knows. Instead, it’s a legendary company coming back to build the best product they possibly can. I’m looking forward to seeing more of their ammo and how it performs on the range. So far though, my initial impressions are it’ll be good stuff. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Blackwater’s new product line so leave them in the comments below. Stay safe out there.

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