New Haenel 300 Blackout (and FN SCAR-SC 300 Blackout)

    In complete silence, the German company C.G. HAENEL GmbH have extended their product range with a rifle in 300 Blackout.

    The CR300 Blackout was shown at ENFORCE TAC 2019, and is not yet available on the homepage so there are no official specifications, unfortunately.

    Below: The new CR300 was hiding in the back, but had a clear CR300 on the lower.

    The fact that it was shown at Enforce Tac indicates the product line – in their eyes – is more for Law Enforcement and Military, than civilian. At least for now. We can suspect that Haenel sees a need in the market for this type of firearm. As you may remember the Belgian Police very recently adopted the FN SCAR-SC in .300BLK.

    The new CR300 doesn’t look much different than the current CR 223 system (front). The caliber makes the difference. The short barrel and the logotype give it away.

    The handguard comes with KeyMod Rail. They had a Leupold mount with a variable Leupold rifle scope and a red dot mounted on the CR300, while the CR223 had Aimpoints.

    Below: Aimpoints and B&T suppressor on these CR223s.

    Haenel RS8/9. Note the RS8 Subsonic. I wish I had one.

    Sniper Rifle solutions by Haenel.

    The larger CR308 below:

    Optics from Schmidt & Bender, Aimpoint as well as Steiner below.


    Change of brand for a while, as we switch to FN Herstal.


    Late 2017, FN Herstal released their new FN SCAR-SC Subcompact Carbine in 5.56x45mm (.223), specially designed for Law Enforcement personnel. FN also used Enforce Tac to officially release the  7.62x35mm (.300 BLK) caliber.

    You can see TFB’s pictures below:

    It uses a standard telescopic buttstock but there is a wider range of buttstock types and accessories to accommodate the specific needs of the users.

    For more information about the SCAR-SC Subcompact Carbine check TFB’s previous article here.


    With vertical front grip. Note the different muzzle brake as well.

    The German blog Spartanat has some more pictures of the CR300.

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