SILENCER SATURDAY #67: Reflex Suppressors from CZUSA

    Good afternoon shooters and thanks for joining us once again for TFB’s Silencer Saturday. On today’s episode, we will take a look at a unique subset of the muffler market: reflex suppressors. As an in-house example, CZUSA has graciously loaned us one of their 7.62 Ti models that includes some modern features on top of an otherwise classic design. Long story short, CZUSA Suppressors offer customers a modular setup with impressive suppression capabilities.

     SILENCER SATURDAY #67: Reflex suppressors from CZUSA

    I. Introduction

    Reflex suppressors are over-the-barrel designs that add internal volume by extending the silencer back and around the barrel of the host firearm. As opposed to reflex designs utilized by companies like Allen Engineering that use a mounting collar and the space between the barrel and suppressor wall, the CZUSA reflex suppressors are fully enclosed and don’t require a profiled barrel or proprietary mounts. While reflex suppressors offer a dramatic increase in internal volume without adding length as compared to traditional direct thread silencers, they have additional requirements that muzzle-attached silencers usually can ignore,

    Speaking of which, the CZUSA 7.62 Ti Reflex has the added benefit of being modular. Shooters that want to mount their new silencer to a host with a thick barrel, long and/or narrow handguard or another unique feature can remove the three inch reflex portion and use a standard direct thread mount leaving an approximately six inch silencer.

    CZ Ti Reflex – CZUSA Suppressors

    Combining light weight, superb suppression and short installed length, our centerfire reflex cans sport a very distinctive shape. To shave the ounces, each titanium baffle is turned down on a lathe until it possesses just the right amount of material to withstand the pressures of full-auto use. The swirled shape of the internal baffle structure is reflected in its exterior, and each baffle is welded to the next until the stack exhibits a very unique silhouette. Not only does this eliminate extra material that would simply add weight, it also increases surface area for heat dissipation.

    The endcap and mount are replaceable, and each can is shipped with a 3” reflex mount that allows the user to boost the internal can capacity greatly without increasing the overall length when assembled, with a standard flush mount also included for use on firearms that won’t allow for the reflex.

    II. Specifications:

    As taken directly from, here are the reflex suppressors deets. (Trust me, all the cool kids are using that word).

    • Product Name: CZ 7.62 Ti Reflex
    • MSRP: $1,279.00
    • Weight: 8.7 / 11.4 oz.
    • Diameter: 1.63 in.
    • Overall Length: 5.6 / 8.83 in.
    • Full auto rated?: Yes
    • Barrel length restrictions?: Unk*

    * It’s my fault for asking for barrel length numbers at the last minute on a Friday night. I’ll report back as soon as possible with actual data.

    Reflex suppressors

    The CZUSA reflex suppressors allow for the suppression capabilities of a nine-inch silencer while only adding less than six inches of overal length to the rifle.

    Reflex suppressors

    If you are running a Mannlicher stock or are stuck on barrel-fixed iron sights, the three inch reflex module unscrews easily from the rest of the tube and is replaced by a more traditional endcap.

    Here’s the reflex module installed on the host by itself.

    Weights for both configurations line up with the printed specifications from CZUSA.

    III. Details

    Honestly, the 7.62 Ti Reflex feels lighter than the numbers actually reveal. Maybe because some of the weight is pulled back over the barrel towards the shooter or that I am used to heavier silencers, but either way, prepare to be impressed: nine ounces for a 7.62 silencer is about as good as you are going to find in today’s market.

    The reflex section includes a “forked tongue” assembly that pushes gasses back into the extra chamber before heading out the muzzle.

    Reflex suppressors

    My measurements came up with a 20mm (0.787”) opening for barrel profiles. Bull barrel hosts need not apply for access to reflex suppressors.

    CZUSA includes an easy to use takedown tool that removes the direct thread module as well as the endcap. The threads on each of the sections are pricesly cut: most users should have no issue unthreading any part of the 7.62 Ti, even after multiple range sessions.

    In a nod to precision and accuracy, the blast baffle is left unclipped. While maximum suppression would call for all the baffles to include a clip or relief cut of some sort, a notch in the first baffle can effect the flight of the bullet slightly has it passes through. Kudos to CZUSA.

    The internal structure of the direct thread end cap isn’t exciting, but it gets the job done.

    The endcap of the 7.62 Ti is removable for cleaning. Note the clipping found on the five remaining baffles for increased suppression performance.

    Conjuring images of Maxim’s original silencer designs, I find the tubeless, ribbed design of the CZUSA reflex suppressors *cough* pleasing.

    IV. Observations/Range Time:

    Without a decibel meter (coming soon!) and the barrel length restrictions, today’s results are a bit limited. You’ll have to trust my ears for todays 300BLK results as a historical comparison to other 7.62 silencers I’ve shot over the years.

    Full Length Reflex:

    Using the Discreet Ballistics subsonic 300BLK Selous copper explanding rounds in a bolt action gun, the CZUSA Ti Reflex is amazingly quiet with a deep tone. I was impressed. Obviously the setup was hearing safe, but if I had to put a wild guess to the decibel numbers I’d say the setup would fall a few points below 120dB. Contrary to my preconceived thoughts, the extra volume in the reflex section did not contribute to any “first round pop”

    Direct thread/Muzzle mount:

    With the extra three inches of internal volume removed, the CZUSA Ti 7.62 silencer was slightly louder in its smaller configuration – as too be expected. Unless your host prevents you from using the reflex section, my suggestion is to leave it where it belongs. That being said, the ~ 5.7 inch setup was respectably quiet for subsonic 300BLK in a bolt gun.

    V. Conclusions:

    Overall, I think the CZUSA reflex suppressors are solid performers for owners that have the barrel real estate to take advantage of the full volume the design has to offer. My feeling is that the target demographic for these setups are bolt action and semiautomatic rifles and carbines with barrel lengths of 16 inches or more or shorter AR15 type rifles with larger internal diameter handguards.

    Logistically, the reflex design requires slightly more than three inches of unimpeded barrel that is 0.75 inches in diameter or less. Of course, the beauty of the modular design is that thicker and/or shorter barrels can utilize the muzzle mount for a more traditional setup. Because the 7.62 Ti already has a removable section, CZUSA could easily develop a quick disconnect mounting system or even use an industry accepted thread mount adapter like the Q Plan B.

    What I like:
    • Light weight
    • Decibel-chasing internal volume
    • Modularity
    • Excellent suppression
    What I think could be addressed in the next generation:
    • Better user documentation (I couldn’t find a user manual online)
    • QD system capabilities (Nice to have, but not a deal breaker)
    • More competitive price (the MSRP is currently near the top of the pack)
    Bottom line:

    If you find a good deal on CZUSA’s titanium reflext suppressors, you wont be disappointed.

    Have a great weekend everyone. Be safe and I’ll see you back here next week for another Silencer Saturday.

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    Published on Jan 26, 2018 – TFBTV

    CZ-USA had a number of new products for this year, most importantly their additions to the Scorpion both on the LE and civilian markets. The company is also introducing reflex suppressors that are direct thread to their rifles and Scorpion line.

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