Noisefighter Gel Pad Installation

Richard L.
by Richard L.
OEM pads are simple to remove.

Noisefighter Pads

Gel cups can be a great accessory for hearing protection. Noisefighter was founded by Neal Brace, a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. Made in the USA, Noisefighter produces some very unique gel cups that are a welcome addition to most major brands and models. Not only is the gel extremely comfortable, but the cutouts on top allow for better comfort and seal when worn with eye protection. However, it is helpful to understand the installation process. Initial models of the Noisefighters came model specific, allowing the user to simply pop out a plastic insert with the old pads and snap in the new ones. For this article, we installed Noisefighters on a set of Howard Leights.

New Adhesive Mount

Noisefighter is now making a universal mount to allow for numerous models to fit on the same pads. This is done thanks to a peel and stick adhesive instead of a model specific insert.

Universal pads have an adhesive for easy installation.

Old Pad Removal

To start, first remove the insert with the old pads.

Old pads can be easily removed by prying them out with a flat head screwdriver.

Applying Adhesive

Use clean hands or clean gloves to prevent contamination of the adhesive on the new pads. Then remove the pad from the adhesive protectors and align the pad with the insert.

Align the pad with the retention clips.

Simply align the gel pad so the outer lip of the pad slides beneath the clip and holds the pad against the headset.

The adhesive is a high-performance, pressure-sensitive and semi-permanent composition.

Press the pad against the headset for 10 seconds with moderate pressure. Make sure to not use excessive force or you can risk deforming the gel ear pad.


While the adhesive does allow for a wider range of choices it still does not fit every model. Definitely check to make sure your model is supported or reach out to Noisefighter to confirm before purchase. To purchase Noisefighter gel pads, click here. When I attempted this, I was attempting to use my Noisefighters on my Opscore RAC headset. There was a little confusion and unfortunately, the RAC was not designed to be used with gel pads and the pad shape was not conducive to the plates.

Notice the shapes do not properly match for use of Noisefighter pads with RAC headsets.

However, for compatible models, Noisefighters are a great and affordable upgrade. Looking at the list of compatible ear muffs it is difficult to find a set Noisefighters will not fit.

Noisefighters with the universal adhesive backing fit well in Howard Leights.

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Richard L.

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  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Mar 11, 2019

    I have the old clip-on type from the kickstarter campaign. Honestly, they are great, but they miss the mark on their intended use. Because they lift the practical base of the ear where your glasses would usually sit, you end up with eyepro tilted facing down. It's very disappointing in that way. So I just wear them as nice gel-cups and don't bother with the cutout anymore.

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    • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Mar 11, 2019

      @Neal - Noisefighters I'd be down for another set. Thanks for posting.

  • Kwong Kwong on Mar 11, 2019

    what the... I expect those are mounted like stock pads on peltors and sordins and I almost ordered a pair