[IDEX 2019] Hamond Suppressors from Ukraine

    Hamond is a small Ukrainian company designing and manufacturing suppressors from cal .22 to 30 mm. Engineer Evgeniy Moskalenko, the CEO and chief designer of Hamond, brought to IDEX a selection of cutaway models showing an array of different internal geometries.

    Hamond Suppressors

    The suppressors at IDEX, in the Calidus exhibition area, showcased the evolution of Hamond design through the years. In the below photo, from right to left, oldest to newest designs, most innovative featuring solutions covered by (Ukrainian) patents.

    Cutaway Hamond suppressors and “Thermocovers”.

    The biggest sample is .50 cal, designed for Barrett rifles. As with most Hamond designs, it offers a noise reduction of 32 dB. One of the peculiar features of the suppressor is the internal clearance between baffles bore and bullet. Apparently, the Ukrainian Barrett operators were experiencing issues in the field with “explosive” (sic, maybe API) bullets damaging their suppressors under extensive use and with machine gun rated ammunition. Therefore, Hamond strove to provide the best compromise between clearance and efficiency. Bore diameter is now 16.5 mm (0.65″) versus a standard 15 mm (0.60″).

    Hamond suppressors with multi-material baffles.

    The samples above are manufactured with an external titanium body while first baffles are stainless steel, titanium in the middle portion and last baffles are made of aluminum. Threaded titanium adapters allow interchangeability between weapons.

    Hamond Thermocover

    Hamond Suppressors

    Hamond Thermocover. Image from the manufacturer’s website.

    Another product which, according to Hamond, is battle tested and currently actively employed by Ukrainian Special Forces, the suppressor cover, is rated for up to 250 °C (482 °F). While also offering protection against burns and limiting the mirage, the covers, available in Multicam pattern, are designed to further protect the shooter from detection. According to the designer, up to five consecutive shots can be taken before the suppressor can be detected by thermal imaging devices.


    Currently, Hamond cannot export to the US, nor they find it a viable solution to set up an American manufacturing facility. Their core capabilities lie in designing and testing, as their online presence clearly shows: Hamond and Hamond Modeling on Youtube; Eng. Moskalenko on Silencer Talk forums. They are therefore interested in offering technical consultancy or licensing of their proprietary designs.

    Giorgio O

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