[IDEX 2019] Edelweiss Industries from Austria

    Edelweiss Industries, not to be confused with the Swiss Edelweiss Arms, is truly an unusual find in a defense-oriented event such as IDEX. The small Austrian company, born out of the shooting range Edelweiss Adventure, offers an interesting array of Glock accessories.

    Edelweiss Magazine Base Pad

    A Glock magazine base pad extending the capacity and improving the grip during reloads. The product differs from competitors’ offerings by being made out of two halves clamped over the magazine, instead of sliding over its bottom. Three bolts on each side, fastened over a tapped steel insert, solidly keep the two polymer halves together. Two versions are available: “+” holding three additional rounds and “++” holding five. No other changes to the magazine or spring are required.

    Edelweiss Magazine Base Pads, V-Connector and Glock 19 with an interesting enhancement.

    Edelweiss V-Connector

    According to Edelweiss Industries CEO Andreas Steindl, this item was specifically requested by bodyguards needing ready availability of a spare magazine, without compromising the use of standard holsters. Mr. Steindl admits that the product offers limited value for most users. However, it is a simple and clever implementation over the Magazine Base Pads. Two steel plates with Tenifer coating bolted on the base pads of two magazines creating a very sturdy assembly.

    Glock 19 with Edelweiss Magazine Base Pads and V-Connector, holstered.

    Edelweiss Slide Wings

    The Slide Wings offer a simple way to improve slide manipulation. By replacing the slide cover plate with these machined steel accessories, a deep groove is made available for additional grip. The wings barely increase the overall slide width and they don’t affect the sight picture. The finish is a Tenifer coating and engraving options are available. Current model fits all Glock generations up to Gen 4, Gen 5 and models for other striker-fired pistols are in the works.

    Close/up of Edelweiss Slide Wings installed on a Glock mock-up.

    Edelweiss Pistol Folding Stock – Prototype

    Not unlike the FAB Defense stock we recently saw, this prototype aims to give the possibility of a stabilizing stock which does not hinder holster use. The unit, currently shaped out of robust steel plates, snaps in position in an instant, offering a very stable shooting platform. In the closed position, the buttstock can work as a forward grip. The core of this system is the attachment insert which fits in the grip cavity. Different insert sizes are available based on the Glock model and generation. The stock can also hold a spare magazine with a spring loaded retention system.

    Edelweiss Pistol Folding Stock prototype in open position.

    Edelweiss Pistol Folding Stock prototype in the closed position.

    Edelweiss Pistol Folding Stock prototype, with a spare magazine on holstered Glock mock-up.

    Availability and Prices

    Edelweiss Industries is currently looking for options to distribute in the US.

    European prices cannot be directly converted into potential MSRP in the US, however, as an indication, they are as follows:

    Magazine Extensions – EUR 35-50 (2pc per set)

    V-connectors – EUR 20-30

    Slide Wings Charging handle – Eur 40-50

    Folding stock – EUR 150-250 (depending on the configuration and setup – the product is still a prototype)


    For military and law enforcement only, Edelweiss Industries also manufactures “giggle switches” for Glock pistols both in standard configuration and in an extended one. The latter extends on the left side of the slide enough to allow operation when the pistol is inserted in a Roni chassis.

    Glock 19 with the shooter’s pleasure enhancement installed.

    Giorgio O

    Italian firearm enthusiast now living in an even more restrictive country, Giorgio has a passion for innovative or plainly unusual mechanical solutions. He’s also interested in manufacturing technologies with a recent focus on additive manufacturing.

    You can contact him at giorgio_o at zoho dot com and you’ll find him in the comments section as Giolli Joker.