FAB Defense COBRA Stock for Glock Pistols

    FAB Defense COBRA Stock for Glock Pistols (1)

    Zahal, an Israeli firearms accessories web store who also sell the FAB Defense products, has published a video demonstrating a new pistol stock design called Cobra. Apparently, this is a new FAB Defense product. It is a collapsible and folding stock that attaches to Glock 19 or Glock 17 pistols and folds forward.

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    The deployment of this accessory is a matter of just pulling it back and with some practice, should be done as easy as shown in this video.

    The description on the Zahal website states that “the stock is used by undercover law enforcement & security personnel worldwide“. I suppose the company considers the LEO community to be the primary consumer of this product on the US market, too. While being a cool little gadget, I am afraid that attaching this to your pistol will convert it into an SBR which will dramatically limit the civilian market size for the Cobra stock. I wonder if it is legally possible to make a brace based on this design.

    Whether it is due to the design of the folding mechanism or it is deliberately made so (or maybe both), the U-shaped portion right in front of the buttstock will be great for using this system while wearing a helmet equipped with a visor – a nice feature for the law enforcement customers.

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    Apparently, the way Cobra stock is attached to the pistol is by inserting the front extension into the grip cavity of Glock pistols which presumably gets fixed in place through the lanyard loop hole.

    The FAB Defense Cobra stock is made of glass-reinforced polymer. It is compatible with the following models of Glock pistols: Glock 17-19-19x-18-22-23-31-32-34-35-45 (GEN 2-3-4-5 Standard). Zahal also points out that the user can holster the pistol while having a folded Cobra stock attached to it. The length of the stock can also be adjusted to one of the four available positions.

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    The FAB Defense Cobra Stock is listed on the Zahal’s website at an MSRP of $110.

    Images from www.zahal.org

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