POTD: Snek Themed AR-15 Lower Receiver Shows Its New Colors

    snek themed AR-15 lower

    /u/ForynGilnith's No Step On Snek Palmetto State Armory lower

    As you’ve seen in the title picture, today’s Photo Of The Day is a brightly colored, snek themed AR-15, giving a light-hearted “danger” warning to anyone that would attempt to take its user’s rights away.  Reddit user /u/ForynGilnith said he enjoyed using Duracoat for the first time and was pleased with how it worked in his airbrush and the subsequent easy cleanup.  He said he initially wanted to keep the rifle yellow and black, but Duracoat accidentally sent Electric O’Sherbert (orange) instead, which they quickly corrected and sent the intended Electric Sunburst.  /u/ForynGilnith decided to use the orange on the stock, grip and lower controls as well.

    Snek themed AR-15 lower

    /u/ForynGilnith’s photo of applying Duracoat in Electric Sunburst

    snek themed AR-15 lower

    /u/ForynGilnith’s finished lower receiver on black upper receiver.

    The engraving on the Palmetto State Armory AR lower receiver is the humorous, modern adaptation of the famous Gadsden Flag.  As is typical in the war of memes, the over-simplified version was changed from “DON’T TREAD ON ME” to “NO STEP ON SNEK”.  Check out aafnation.com to purchase your own Snek flag.

    Origin of snek flag

    Gadsden Flag from wikipedia.org

    Snek flag

    Meme version of Gadsden Flag. Photo from Wikipedia Commons

    I asked /u/ForynGilnith if he had any plans for painting the upper to match. He said that he’s planning on painting rail covers for his quad-railed upper.

    Let us know what you think about /u/ForynGilnith’s preperation for a literal meme war.