POTD: Streetsweeper/Mac 11 Over Under

    There are people who live the NFA life and there is this guy. I am not sure where this photo is originally from. I found it in a gun group. From the picture there appears to be a geriatric fireams enthusiast who looks like he knows how to have fun with his Streetsweeper/Mac11 over under.

    I like the cut of his jib. This guy looks like he is going to get his vitamins one way or the other. I am actually impressed by this NFA build. Typically the Street Sweeper has a vertical foregrip but someone removed it to mount what looks like a Mac 11 using a custom bracket system. I hope that Mac 11 is full auto for more fun.

    The top folding stock seems to have been removed and he is carrying his over under with a sling. I do not see any sights so I assume he will be hip firing the Streetsweeper/mac 11 over under.

    Would you rock this? Would the Mac 11 affect the performance of the Streetsweeper?

    The meme seems to think buying guns is not a wise investment for your retirement. However I strongly believe transferable machine guns are a sound investment. That Mac 11 was about $600 back in the 90s? Now they are over $8,000. That is nothing if you look at HK full auto sears. A full auto MP5 was $1200 in the 90s but now they are $45,000. Look at the lightning link and drop in auto sears. Those were under $100 each and now fetch $16k-20k. So if you can, invest in a machine gun.