[SHOT 2019] Duplessis Rifle Company (custom action & switch barrel)

    I, like many others I suspect, am always on the lookout for that one rifle that can do it all.  Of course, this is just a fantasy.  First, we are limited by weight.  A good mountain hunting rifle would be light and easy to pack, while a good competition rifle would have enough heft to smooth out some of the shooters wobble and soak up a bit of the recoil.  Second, we are limited by cartridge.  Anything ideal for killing big game would be overkill for shooting varmints or plinking steel.  That being said, Duplessis Rifle Co. has created a modular rifle system that might just bring that fantasy a little closer to reality.

    Various components available from Duplessis Rifle CO.

    To start with, they offer 3 action lengths.  The DR45 which can handle .223 to .308 win sized cases.  The DR57 which can handle many of the European length cases i.e 7×57 or long seated .308 win length cases and the DR63 which is similar to a conventional long action.

    Modularity was an emphasis with Duplessis.

    To offer more modularity Duplessis actions have swappable bolt heads, which allow the end-user to switch from a standard to a magnum boltface in minutes.  Furthermore, the barrel is mounted to the action via a barrel extension which is held in place with 2 machine screws.  This means barrel swaps can be done at home by just about anyone.  Finally, even the bolt handles are able to be changed out to suit the shooters preference.

    Front of the action showing the mounting system for the barrel extension.

    Duplessis has even designed their own trigger to accompany their new action.  They will be user adjustable with interchangeable springs.

    The exceptionally robust trigger mechanism

    There are very few companies that can cut their own barrels, make their own triggers and design and build their own actions to include a proprietary magazine system, but Duplessis Rifle Company is one of them.  So, back to this mythical rifle.  Using this system, if a person was willing to buy 2 stocks (or a stock and a chassis) 2 barrels (1 lightweight chambered in hunting cartridge and a second with a heavy profile in a competition cartridge) and a replacement bolt head that person could, in less than a half hour, swap parts  to go from one role to another and still be shooting the same scope, action, and trigger.

    For more information about Duplessis Rifle Company visit their website: https://www.duplessisrifles.com/