[SHOT 2019] Streamlight’s TLR-VIR II Pistol Laser/Light, HLX Laser, and Shotgun Grip Light

    While checking out the new lights at the Streamlight booth, their tan pistol light caught my eye. The TLR-VIR II is Streamlight’s take on an IR laser pistol light. They also have a laser integrated HLX weaponlight and a new shotgun weaponlight.


    The TLR-VIR was a pistol light with an IR illuminator offset from the main white light LED. Well Streamlight has streamlined their IR weaponlight as well as integrated an IR laser in the new TLR-VIR II.

    In the photo below, you can see the IR LED and the IR laser.

    While I was unable to see the beam pattern of the TLR-VIR II, I suspect the IR beam pattern will be similar to the new PK M51 IR WML. It too has an offset IR led. Take a look at the video below comparing the M51 to a SureFire M300V.

    The offset light and laser of the TLR-VIR II is a compromise but what you gain is immensely more important. Holster compatibility. This new light should fit existing TLR compatible holsters and possibly SureFire X300 compatible holsters. But that is just my hypothesis based on the size and shape. We will know for sure once we get our hands on one.

    One downside to the TLR-VIR II is the price. MSRP is set at $600. Now while that is cheaper than the SureFire M400V MSRP, you could have bought the 400V for only $450 last year when they were being blown out for 50% off.

    Protac HLX Laser

    Just like the TLR-VIR II, the Protac Rail Mount HLX Laser has an integrated red laser pointer inside the reflector. This new HLX Laser has a unique two button tail cap. One button for white light and a second button for the laser. The HLX Laser is compatible with the remote tape switch by Streamlight but it will activate both the light and laser simultaneously. You cannot independently activate the light or laser with the tape switch.

    As you can see below, The HLX Laser is ten tap programmable.

    One downside to the HLX Laser is rail mount. The Protac Rail Mount HLX was great since it used a similar mount like that of SureFire Scoutlights. This made it compatible with almost any Scoutlight mount available on the market. Sadly Streamlight is taking a huge leap backwards using a large proprietary rail mount. From what I could tell by handling the HLX laser, the rail mount does not appear to be removable.

    Of course the laser is adjustable for windage and elevation. It will retail for around $270.

    TL-Racker Shotgun Pump Light

    Streamlight is now making a dedicated shotgun grip light for use with Mossberg pump action shotguns as well as Remington 870s.

    The TL-Racker will retail for around $225 and boasts 850 lumens.

    Check out Streamlight.com for more info.

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