[SHOT 2019] Maxim Defense’s Tiny PDX Personal Defense Weapon

    Maxim Defense is coming out with a tiny little PDW dubbed the PDX. At Range Day, The Firearm Blog had a shooting bay all to ourselves. This allowed for vendors to book an appointment and bring their latest and greatest to us for a more intimate look at their products. Maxim’s appointment was later in the afternoon and they were running low on 7.62×39 so they brought along a 5.56x45mm variant of the PDX.

    The PDX comes in 7.62×39 and 5.56×45. They will be making a .300blk variant.

    As you can see in the photo above, the PDX is very small.

    • OAL 18.75″
    • BBL 5.5″

    The SCW stock is only 4 inches long and uses a proprietary BCG. When the SCW stock is collapsed, it is so short that it barely sticks out past the charging handle. Their CQB HRT stock is federally approved. It does not have the stock stop holes nor the rapid deploy feature. But it is the only stock the FBI has not been able to break. The SCW stock seen here is based on the same design but has the stock stop holes and rapid deploy feature.

    Interestingly, the PDX is based on the HK416 platform. The upper receiver and handguard designs are based on the 416. However unlike the 416, the PDX is direct impingement. Also the PDX upper receiver can use standard barrels. The 416 barrel extension is longer than traditional AR barrel extensions and the 416 upper threads are longer to accommodate this.


    On the muzzle end, Maxim Defense has their Hate Brake. It is a linear compensator similar to a Krinkov brake design.

    Both the Hate Brake and buffer tube have 3/8″ wrench holes so you can use ratchet and extension to tighten them.



    At the TFB bay, Strike Industries had setup their Phantom camera for us to use. I wanted to get a video clip of a bullet flying out of the Maxim PDX. Upon reviewing the video clip, we discovered something even the Maxim guys did not know. The muzzle flash is square. This is due to the wrench design in the Hate Brake.

    The PDX will retail for $2299 for both 7.62×39 or 5.56×45. No additional charge for FDE and should be released in April. They will be making a pistol braced version later this year and will be offering the PDX as a kit with just the upper receiver, SCW stock or brace and the BCG/buffer.

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