[SHOT 2019] Magpul MP5, CZ Scorpion Goodies and D50 .308 Drum

    At Range Day, Magpul had some CZ Scorpions with their latest upgrades. They also had their new D50 .308 drum magazine feeding some AR-10 style rifles. Unfortunately the Magpul MP5 was just a prototype so it was only on display on the show floor.

    The first thing I noticed at Magpul’s range day table was a display with their sunglasses and super exclusive knife. The reaction to their sunglasses DAKA case has been so overwhelming they will be offering the cases separately and in different colors. Gray, FDE, and OD Green will be coming out soon.They will retail for just $19.99. They are water resistant but not water proof.


    Magpul CZ Goodies

    At the range they let attendees shoot some CZ Scorpions fed with their new polymer CZ Scorpion magazine. This has been a long time coming. For a long time, people complained about CZ Scorpion magazines cracking. This was a non-issue since CZ USA was Johnny on the spot with replacement magazines free of charge. Also one of the huge benefits of the CZ Scorpion over other sub guns was the fact their factory magazines were only $20. Compare that to MP5 or MPX magazines? Even high capacity Glock mags cost more unless you go with Korean made mags or ETS mags which have spotty performance.


    The Magpul Scorpion magazines have all the usual features you find with PMAGs. They have the dot matrix for mag identification purposes and just like their Glock PMAGs they have witness holes. Interestingly the Magpul CZ PMAGs hold 35 rounds. I suspect this is could be for competition purposes like USPSA PCC. Many stage designs are over 30 rounds forcing shooters to reload so a 35 rd magazine will be perfect.

    Interestingly the Magpul CZ PMAG lacks side texture but has horizontal lines running all along the front.

    Last December Magpul leaked their Scorpion Grip. I wondered why the grip lacked storage. Well now I know. It is due to the way it is designed.  From the right hand side it looks like a plain grip. For those who have CZ Scorpions, you know that your factory grip is a sold piece of polymer that slides onto the trigger housing.


    Well looking at the other side, you can see there are two screws that bolt the grip together. Yes, it is two halves. Those screws would interfere with pistol grip storage. I am a little disappointed that this grip was not designed to have pistol grip storage.  Just in front of the grip, you can see Magpul’s magazine release.

    As I predicted in my Magpul CZ grip leak article, it is a duckbill design.

    Magpul D50 and Loader?

    While waiting to shoot the rifle with the Magpul D50, I noticed the guys loading 10 rounds of 7.62×51 into the drum magazines with what looks like a special bench loading tool.

    According to the guy loading the ammo, these bench loading D50 loaders would cost too much to sell. I don’t know, I think it could sell especially to places like Battlefield Vegas who load hundreds of thousands of rounds. I am not sure if they use Magpul drum mags but I imagine if they do, they would want this.

    The Magpul D60 weighs just 1.7 lbs empty and 4.5lbs fully loaded. It will cost the same as the D60 drum magazine at just $129.99. It will load and feed 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Magpül MP5 Furniture

    The prototype MP5 handguards and trigger pack housing was on display at the Magpul booth. They were 3D printed prototypes.

    The MP5 handguard has the same aesthetics and ergonomics you find in their handguards. It has similar ribbing like that of their shotgun and AK handguards. It features MLOK slots along the side and bottom.

    Magpul will be making a shorter handguard for owners of an MP5K style roller lock.

    With regards to the SL Grip module, they are only making one that fits full size MP5s. Magpul had an MP5K RS (Reverse stretch) from Dakota Tactical on display. It is like a mullet for MP5s. Short MP5K front end but long rear end to use MP5 style end caps and stocks. I talked to Jon Canipe about this and assured him that there are plenty of people out there with MP5K style pistols. Like the Zenith and Omega MP5K owners.

    The SL Grip Module will work with SEF trigger packs. Not sure if SP5K will work with these or not. Since the SP5K has a proprietary trigger pack. So if you have a more modern Ambi safety with pictogram trigger pack housing, you can’t use the Magpul SL grip module.

    Magpul will also come out with an ambidextrous safety to go with their SL grip module. Again it only works for SEF style trigger packs like those found in Zenith and Omega style MP5K guns.


    Unlike the CZ Scorpion grip, the MP5 grip will accept Magpul grip storage. Perfect for keeping spare extractor springs on hand.

    The MP5 goodies are slated for later this year while the CZ Scorpion and D50 will come out sooner. Check out Magpul’s website for updates.



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