[SHOT 2019] Krebs Custom 9×39 AK-9 Pistol Prototype spotted at WOLF

    Krebs AK in 9x39

    ak-9 pistol

    Krebs AK in 9×39 with Tailhook PSB

    While visiting the Wolf ammunition booth at SHOT 2019, I noticed a very unique OD green AK pistol on the wall with a Gear Head Works PSB attached to it.  This wasn’t just any AK pistol, it was a Krebs Custom.  Not just any Krebs AK, it was a prototype AK-9 pistol in 9×39 with a custom made magazine!  Leave it to Mark Krebs to have a working prototype to use Wolf’s 9×39 ammo.

    The magazine for this rifle was custom made with an aluminum body, as AK-9 magazines are few and far between in the US.  Appropriately for this subsonic cartridge, the Krebs pistol has threads to the rear of its three prong flash hider for a suppressor.  There is no front sight, just an RDS mounted to a rail.  The top cover has a Krebs rear sight base and there is no front iron sight.  Again it is a prototype so thats apt to change.  The fore-end is very unique looking, with smooth side panels and an extended 6 o’clock rail.

    Note rear sight base

    Nice green color. Note smooth side panels and threaded flash hider

    The trigger and bolt very very polished and precise, especially for a prototype.  While Wolf has a 9×39 AR upper, it is very exciting to see a semblance of the AK-9 appear.  What platforms do you readers want to see chambered in 9×39?  Methinks the Maxim Defense PDX would be a good candidate.  Stay tuned to TFB for more 9×39 developments.

    More options are always a good thing for this caliber

    Rusty S.

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