[SHOT 2019] At the range and the show with new handguns from Kimber

    The new K6s DASA 3"

    Revolver evolver

    At range day this year, I took the opportunity to shoot some new handguns from Kimber.  First up was their new K6s DASA 3″ and 2″ revolver.  As the name intimates, this revolver has an exposed hammer that can be manually cocked for single action, as well as a 3″ barrel.  Trigger pull was very smooth with no perceptible stacking in double action mode (9.5-10.5lbs).  The single action trigger broke crisply at between 3.25-4.25lbs when the hammer was manually cocked.  I have to give Kimber some plaudits on the sights.  Thought they are just white 3-dot, the size and serrations make them easy to pick up very quickly in daylight conditions.  I fired 24 rounds of .38 and .357 though the DASA, and didn’t miss once.  Recoil is really not bad with the .357s.  The K6s 3″ has the same size grip as the hammerless K6s 3″, but in a lighter, red walnut color.

    Other new revolvers for 2019 are the TLE 3″ and 2″, with a matte black finish and scalloped green G10 grips.  Fitted with laser grips are the new two-tone K6s CDP and matte black K6s DC.

    Kimber goes on strike

    Striker fired, that is.  An entire new line of pistols for Kimber this year is their Evo SP (Striker Pistol) series of subcompact single stack 9mm pistols. Evo SP mags are fully compatible with the Micro 9 series.  The 6-7lb trigger feels lighter than it is, and I was able to dump entire magazines into steel targets at 15 yards with no problem, having never fired the gun before.  Thought there are 4 guises of the Evo SP at launch, the best looking of the bunch is the custom shop, with a charcoal grey finish, bright orange front night sight, and grey G10 grips.

    1911’s and rifles

    New in 1911’s this year are the RDS-fitted KHX Custom and Custom railed models.  These feature Trijicon RMR Type2 sights with a 3.25 MOA dot, and co-witness white dot sights.  Also new is the “Rapide” with a slide lightening cuts and a titanium nitride coated barrel, available in .45 or 10mm.  The new rifle development for this year is the Kimber Mountain Ascent in Gore Optifade Subalpine.  There are also a few new Micro 9 models this year, the ESV in black and grey and a KHX.

    For for information on weight, features, and MSRP of all of these new guns, please visit Kimber’s new products page.  

    Rusty S.

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