[SHOT 2019] SB Tactical MP5 HKPDW Brace

    SB Tactical has a booth down in the basement of SHOT SHOW this year. Last year they had one of those tiny kiosk stands in the Next section just outside the Press Room. I walked by to check in on what they have new for Shot Show. Well they have a prototype of their new MP5 collapsing brace here at SHOT SHOW. It is called the HKPDW brace.

    SB Tactical’s first brace design was based on the fixed MP5 stock. It had some issues due to the cheek rest height being a little high and did not play well with the factory iron sights. But it was perfect for use with a red dot.

    Their second brace was much better. The check rest height allowed the shooter to use the factory iron diopter sights. The SBT5 was based off the B&T folding MP5 stock design. Since the brace did not rely on a buffer tube, the width of the brace made for a very low profile when folded. It is my favorite brace next to the SBA3.

    As you can see this brace was designed to mimic the look of a collapsing MP5 stock.

    The rear endcap is milled aluminum. And features a similar lever like the original HK stock to release the sliding bars. Just ahead of the release lever and user the sliding bars is a QD sling mount.

    Due to the space created by the two bars, the rubber brace is a little bit wider than the SBT5 folding brace.

    For those of you with MP5 clones, you can now have a collapsing brace. No set date and estimated price should be similar to the PDW braces we have seen in the past. This HKPDW brace will be perfect for making a replica of Lt. John McClane’s MP5 from Die Hard. Even though they didn’t really use an MP5 and you will be using a brace rather than a stock.

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