[SHOT 2019] KRG has a FOX-42 Update and much more!

    The FOX-42, a long time in development but nearly ready

    The massoud lineage lives on, and it’s looking good

    We here at TFB are admittedly fans of the work going on at Kinetic Research Group.  KRG is usually one of my first stops every year to check in on the meticulously perfected FOX-42 project.  For those of our readers unfamiliar with this platform, it is a precision refinement and evolution of the Magpul Massoud concept.  See our previous reporting here for more detail on the evolution of the rifle (With much credit to Nathaniel F.).  Though KRG has thoroughly tested near-finalized versions of this rifle, They recognize that end users can detect or encounter problems that a manufacturer might not encounter.  Therefore, units are going out for extensive beta testing in Q1 2019.

    There were a lot of deals divulged about the FOX-42 this year.  The FOX-42 has a Tikka style barrel attached to a trunnion.  .875″ diameter barrel blanks are sourced from Kreiger, Benchmark, Brunton and Brux, with Chanlynn available as a custom option.  Gas ports are drilled in-house, and the gas block is 3 position adjustable.  Calibers will be 6.5 Creedmoor with a 1:8 twist and 7.62×51 with a 1:10 twist, with more possibly to come in the future.  Their expectation is for the rifle to perform at least sub MOA, although sub 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups have been achieved.

    A bit about the bolt and carrier:  The bolt carrier is anodized aluminum and weighs only 9oz.  The Scar 17’s is 25.15oz for comparison.  There is a tool incorporated into the bolt carrier that can take off the gas cylinder if needed.  The bolt itself is a 4 lug bolt, with a 30 degree rotation.  Bolt lugs are radiused, and fit into melted lug abutments with no sharp edges.  The trigger is a Geissele SSA-E with 55 degree selector.  The stock is adjustable for cheek height, LOP, buttpad height and cant, all without tools.

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    KRG also has a long range stock in the works for the SCAR 17, much like their Long Range Folding stock for the ACR.  Another new product of theirs, the Midas 2-stage trigger for all Tikka T3 series rifles, sold out on the first production run. It is adjustable for shoe position, pull weight, and over travel and more are coming very soon.  Lastly, KRG has a Bravo Chassis for the Tikka T1x, should you be lucky enough to have one.

    For more information including their SHOT show brochure, please visit KRG.

    Rusty S.

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