[SHOT 2019] Armamentos .22LR AK Conversion Kit

    Armamentos was another gem hiding amongst the rubbish typically found in the lower basement of the Sands Convention Center here at SHOW SHOW. Their banner caught my attention. They advertised a .22LR AK47 conversion kit for a stamped receiver AK.

    There has only been a couple of AK styled .22LR replica guns like the ones by GSG, ATI or Rock Island. While these replicas work as intended, they are not the same as a bonafide AK. You could also look at the conversion kit as a training device for people to familiarize themselves on a real AK.

    Well now you can take your actual AK47 and caliber convert it to shoot .22LR. Somewhat similar in concept to the CMMG style, the Armamentos AK conversion kit is a simple drop in kit. You remove the factory bolt/piston and recoil spring. Then you install a .22LR barrel that slides down inside the 7.62 caliber barrel. Install the new .22LR bolt and reinstall the factory recoil spring.

    This kit only works with stamped receiver style AKs due to the folded lips I circled in blue in the photo below. The .22LR conversion bolt uses the folded lips as rails to slide along. You could possibly modify a milled receiver to have a similar rail but that would require some precision milling.

    The kit comes with a metal AK47 magazine that has a .22LR insert to feed 30rds of .22LR.

    The only issue I have so far is how short the barrel is. I suspect you could suppress the .22LR round using an AK suppressor. Otherwise I would have preferred a longer barrel to thread and use a .22LR suppressor.

    The kit is available through ArmamentosUSA.com and retails for just $269.95. Hopefully we can get one for review.

    Nicholas C

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