[SHOT 2019] MarColMar’s CETME-L

    Roller Locked and Ready to Rock

    MarColMar has been hard at work.  After 2 years of effort, and 2 million dollars spent in production, their CETME-L reproductions are shipping out to customers.  These are full guns, not a kit that you have to weld, bend and pin together at home.  These feature new CHF nitrided 1:7 twist barrels and brand new 600 ton stamped flats made in-house at MarColMar.  They are fully 922(r) compliant because the only use 8 imported parts: The hammer, sear, guide rod, front sight tower, rear sight, bolt, rollers, and flash hider.  

    Production models have FANUC Arc robot welds. The Robot can weld a receiver together in 1:42.  (MarColMar has some pretty cool video of their robot welding on their site) For optic mounting purposes, they do offer a model with a rail on top of the receiver.  All furniture is brand new, made in the USA out of Nylon 6 polymer.  MarColMar went to the extra trouble of having a special die made to get the shell deflector bend above the ejection port correct.  These rifles come Cerakoted in your choice of green, black, or FDE, with furniture in the same color.


    The MSRP of the MarColMar CETME-L is $1495.

    CETME-L receiver

    Note shell deflection bend

    Initial Impressions

    When I picked one up off the rack, I noticed how well done the Cerakote is in each color.  The rifles all charged very smoothly.  To be sure, they do not have a match trigger, but the trigger pull and reset isn’t bad at all.  The selector was smooth to operate, and clicked positively into place in safe and fire.

    The CETME-L will ship to your FFL with a translated Spanish army manual as well as MarColMar’s own manual, a 30 round magazine where legal, and some gun oil.  Weight is 7.5 lbs.  I asked what kind of accuracy they were getting with 62gr bullets, and they said roughly 2″ at 100y.  Not bad for a milsurp rifle with a design from over 30 years ago.  All CETME-L’s will be backed by a one year warranty on MarColMar’s parts and labor.  For more information and to order, please visit MarColMar.


    Rusty S.

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