The Magpul 30 PMAG SPC 2013 – 6.8SPC for LWRCI

    Here’s a celebration to a very unique magazine. It is made by Magpul (who else?) but was released through LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC. You can see it attached to the the Six8-PDW above.

    The PMAG 30 SPC magazine was developed for LWRCI’s Six8 rifles. LWRCI wanted to produce a 6.8SPC rifle with perfection in terms of in feeding reliability.

    Shoe-horning a 6.8 into a standard AR magwell can result in less than perfect reloads.

    Below: Note the “6,8×43” and “PMAG 30 SPC” on the magazine. Photo from Magpul.

    PMAG 30 SPC 2013



    Here’s a close-up of the SPC.

    Available in 5 and 21 round capacity as well.


    According to Magpul, LWRCI came to them to re-design a magazine with proper round stack geometry and to accommodate a more optimal OAL.

    LWRCI then built the Six8 rifles around the magazine, producing the only 6.8SPC rifles that don’t have to fight an imperfect round stack and the problems that can cause.

    Below: The logotype of the Six8.


    Some Six8 barrels from LWRCI, all in 1:10.

    You can see Hickok45 shooting and discussing the LWRC SIX8-A5 here:


    Picture of the sole magazine from Magpul. All other pictures from LWRC International.

    You can find the LWRCI Six8:s here (LE) and the civilian side here.

    Do we have any readers who own or are using any Six8 rifles?

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