Oryx chassis – MDT launches a new low-cost chassis and brand

    “A complete bolt action rifle chassis system for under 400 bucks. Includes chassis, buttstock and grip.”

    That’s a great way of describing the new chassis and new brand of Modular Driven Technologies – MDT.

    As MDT is a Canadian company, let’s be a bit more specific on the price, that is 399 US Dollars not Canadian.

    The Oryx chassi is made for bolt-action rifles (see list below) as a one-piece integrated aluminum chassis and buttstock. Your barrel will be free-floating after the installation, for improved accuracy.

    With ever increasing prices for a lot of chassis and brands, it’s great to see options for the lower-end market grow as well.

    MDT have made the Oryx chassis easy to install. Their claim is that it is done in less than 10 minutes. A friend of mine recently installed a more advanced MDT chassis on his Tikka, and he said it was super-simple so the claim is most likely true.

    Three Steps To Accuracy.

    Super simple installation. ORYX chassis system replaces your current factory rifle stock. No gunsmithing required.

    Remove your rifle action from the wobbly manufacturer stock.
    Drop your action into your new ORYX chassis system.
    Get out there and shoot! You won’t get better staring at it.


    Below: Contoured Forend Grip, to provide a comfortable and solid hold. MLOK for attachments.

    The stock is manufactured out of aluminum, hard anodized to MIL Spec Type III, and has durable polymer side panels. The Cheek Riser is adjustable. The buttpad is rubber overmolded and comes comes with one .25″ spacer to adjust length of pull.

    ORYX – Specifications

    • Weight: 4.2 lbs
    • LOP: 13 – 13.5″ (Additional LOP can be achieved with a spacer kit)
    • Material: 6061
    • Finish: MIL Spec Type III hard anodize
    • Accepts AR-15 Grips (included)
    • M-LOK pattern slots along underside of forend
    • Uses AICS pattern magazines
    • Free floating barrel

    List of compatible rifles and Estimated Shipping Dates:

    Tikka T3 SA Now Shipping
    R700 SA Now Shipping
    Howa 1500 SA Now Shipping
    Howa 1500 LA Early February
    Howa Mini Early January
    Howa Mini Youth Early March
    Ruger American SA Early February
    Remington 783 SA Early February
    Savage SA Early March
    Savage Axis SA Early March


    The bottom forend has M LOK for attachments like a bipod.

    A Howa 1500 rifle in the Oryx chassis out in New Mexico. Note the Tract Toric UHD, a scope which TFB covered here. The weight of the chassis is 4.2 lb.

    The buttstock cannot be changed as it is a one piece design, but the grip can be changed.

    In the future there may be a version for the Tikka rifles in long action.

    Summary in short:

    • Made of hard anodized T6061 aluminum
    • Adjustable comb
    • Adjustable length of pull
    • M-LOK slots on bottom of the forend to attach bipods and other accessories
    • Flared magazine well to improve and speed up the loading process
    • Mag well acts as barricade stop
    • Multiple QD attachment points
    • Includes MDT contoured pistol grip

    You can find the ORYX Chassis homepage here: https://oryxchassis.com/


    What do you think of the ORYX chassis from MDT? Do you prefer high-end expensive chassis with lots of options, or would you rather go for a lower-end chassis to get the job done and save the money for other expenses? Or do you go for one of each depending on the purpose of the rifle?

    Eric B

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