Trick Shot: An Arrow in Flight versus a Škoda Station Wagon

    To my knowledge you can’t buy Škoda cars in the USA. Not yet anyway.

    However, with over 1,2 million cars delivered last year Globally they are a strong brand within the Volkswagen group.

    Enough about cars and onto the subject we’re all interested in – trick shots!

    Hint: The Škoda logotype has an arrow in it.

    Is it possible to catch an arrow in flight. With your bare hands? From a moving car? At a speed of 133 miles per hour (215 kilometers per hour)?

    Škoda Octavia RS245

    The challenges are certainly adding up and my curiosity grows.

    Is this Impossible? Of course no, but yes, I would say.

    The arrow is only about 27 inches long (68 cm), and…very sharp.

    Škoda took their fastest version of their model Octavia (it’s not like it’s a Ferrari) and challenged some brave athletes.

    The challenge was accepted by archer Laurence Baldauff and Markus Haas, hardened by years of martial arts training, and the Škoda Octavia RS245, with 245 horses under the bonnet.

    For the arrow shot by Olympian Laurence to end up in Markus’s closed fist, you need really precise cooperation, speed and the ability to take decisions and act in a fraction of a second. The arrow flies at a speed of 215 kilometres per hour, or 60 metres per second.

    The distance between the bow and the target is 70 metres. However, as a flying arrow describes an arc, rather than remaining at the same height, the distance over which the arrow can be captured from the open window of a moving car is reduced to about 30 metres.

    Success or failure, then, is a matter of millimeters and hundredth of a second. Laurence needs to keep calm and shoot the arrow at precisely the moment the car literally flies by her. Markus, in that car, then has a time-frame of about 0.5 seconds in which to catch a 68 centimeter long arrow in his hand.

    Below: Skoda Rooftop Ninja vs. Arrow. Who will win and become the bullseye target?


    Check out the video below:



    Guinness World of Records – or did I hear “invent your own record and win a price”.

    I checked and the record is: “Farthest arrow fired and caught in a moving car

    Skoda came to Guinness World Records looking for a way to raise awareness of its Octavia RS 245 by attempting a record that linked directly back to the brand, and therefore wanted to use an arrow to tie in with the world-famous logo.


    After extensive planning, research and record consultancy the Farthest arrow fired and caught in a moving car was attempted. The new record of 57.5 m (188 ft 7.775 in) was documented in Skoda’s promotional video which has received 1.7 million views.


    You can check for more information at:


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