POTD: Dark Earth JP Rifles PCS-12 and Microtech SOCOM Alpha

    Flat Dark Earth, the JP Rifles PCS-12 and the Microtech SOCOM Alpha together is today’s theme.

    Shooting a major caliber, like the .308 Win pictured, in practical shooting competition is not going to help you in any way.

    The Swarovski Z6i with BRI-I reticle. Nice and crisp optic, one of the best for practical shooting. If zeroed at 100 meters the first black dot under the first hold-over is around zero at 300 meters. The Z6i comes with 1-6x magnification.

    The knife is fully serrated, all in tan. The backpack is from Mystery Ranch.

    According to the serial, the knife was made in the summer of 2017.

    The patch is from Prometheus Design Werx. The Microtech sheath is no 5-minute job, it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at. I guess this knife is better off as a safe queen.

    Beware of the very sharp serrations.

    JP Rifles PCS-12 in .308 Winchester. Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

    The SOCOM Alpha accompanied by the automatic Microtech Stitch, with a semi-serrated blade. In some places the knife is illegal, but the rifle isn’t.

    Do you have any knives and firearms that go together well?