Federal Premium Expands Out their 450 Bushmaster Ammunition Offerings

    450 Bushmaster

    Federal Premium

    The .450 Bushmaster continues to grow in popularity throughout the country with more and more regions requiring that hunters use “straight-wall” cartridges. With those types of guidelines being set in place, Federal Premium like many companies is looking to serve the consumer with more options in the way of ammunition. They have three NEW offerings for .450 Bushmaster through their Non-Typical, Power-Shok, and Fusion lines of rifle ammo.

    Federal Premium had this to say in a recent Press Release surrounding the unveiling of their 3 NEW choices for .450 Bushmaster owners:

    Legal in more ‘slug-only’ areas and offering enhanced range, accuracy and power over other straight-walled rifle cartridges and sabots, the 450 Bushmaster is becoming a new favorite of deer, hog and bear hunters. Now the hot cartridge is available in three of the best loads for hunters—Federal Fusion (bonded), Power-Shok and Non-Typical. All get the most from the round thanks to consistent, accurate bullet designs that expand reliably.

    The additional offerings are a tremendous plus for hunters and recreational shooters of the caliber because of how mainstream Federal Premium is compared to other smaller ammunition manufacturers. Some other upsides to their ammo specifically can be read below as presented by Federal Premium:

    • Superior range and accuracy over other straight-wall rifle cartridges and sabot slugs
    • Legal for hunting in many areas where other centerfire rifle cartridges are prohibited
    • Fusion bonded bullets offers best-in-class expansion
    • Non-Typical is specifically built for deer hunters
    • Power-Shok provides versatile, reliable performance on a wide range of medium game

    Finally, these are the three (3) different new .450 Bushmaster loads being put out by Federal Premium. All of these offerings come in 20-Count boxes.

    • Fusion | F450BMFS1 | 300 Grain Fusion Soft Point | MSRP $37.95
    • Non-Typical | 450BMDT1 | 300 Grain Non-Typical Soft Point | MSRP $33.95
    • Power-Shok | 450BMB | 300 Grain Power-Shok Soft Point | MSRP $33.95

    So what do you guys and gals think? Are you already an advocate of some of these lines of ammo from Federal Premium? Would you be willing to spend your hard-earned dollars on this ammo to take down a whitetail? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    450 Bushmaster

    Federal Premium Power-Shok .450 Bushmaster 300 Grain Jacketed Soft Point – MSRP $33.95

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