POTD: Drawing Smith & Wesson Revolvers For Art Therapy

    Drawing of S&W M66 by J.J. Rea

    J.J. Rea's final version of his dad's S&W M66.

    While checking out the revolver forums at ar15.com this summer, I came across a series of threads containing pencil drawings of Smith and Wesson revolvers. The artist, J.J. Rea had explained that he took up drawing while dealing with debilitating Lyme disease. I was impressed with his first attempts at drawing revolvers and each drawing got better as he progressed through various S&W models of revolvers. J.J. posted his initial line drawings to start each thread off, and then would post his final versions later after shading them. The main picture is of his dad’s S&W model 66 and he drew it in honor of his dad’s 75th birthday.

    Drawing of S&W M66 by J.J. Rea

    J.J. Rea’s drawing of his dad’s S&W M66

    I’ve found J.J.’s drawings inspiring for doing something positive and challenging himself in the face of Lyme disease. Having family members that have been afflicted with Lyme, I’ve known just how devastating it can be. J.J. had this to say about how he started drawing:

    I had a lot more fatigue and anxiety this year. And one day while laying on my couch I just started drawing. Actually the first thing I drew was one of my wife’s purses because it was sitting there in my view. Then the next thing I did was a water bottle. Then I thought, I should try and draw the things I really love. So I started drawing Smith and Wesson revolvers. It was a way to do something positive instead of focusing on how lousy I felt and how much I was worried and frustrated about it.

    J.J. Rea's drawing of S&W Model 10

    J.J. Rea’s drawing of S& W Model 10

    Although I found J.J.’s work on ar15.com, the thread on the Smith & Wesson forum has more of J.J.’s drawings all in one place. You don’t have to be a member of the forum to view the pictures. If you’ve got some gun-related artwork you’d like to submit, or know an artist that might be interested, send us an email. I will note that it’ll have to be quite impressive if crayons or stick figures are involved.