Grip Armour AR-15 Grip System by Blue Rock ARmour

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    Blue Rock ARmour is a startup company that has designed an AR-15 pistol grip and foregrip system called Grip Armour. The prototypes of this product have already been 3D printed and tested. The company plans to start the manufacturing in Spring 2019 and the start of shipping is scheduled in Summer 2019.

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    Let’s first see how the company itself describes this product:

    Grip ARmour was a need for more grip options on my AR15. Now, The C-Clamp grip is best for accuracy and recoil, but that hand seems to creep back toward the well when your clearing a large building, acres of forest or your kitchen. Think about it, nobody keeps that arm stretched out there forever. Why do you think zombies are moaning? So, as your hand moves back, it should be in the same trained positions every time. The well grip keeps your hand off the mag. And yes, it doesn’t look that bad!

    I am not sure about the last statement  … to me, it has quite an unusual and controversial appearance. However, it is a matter of personal preference. You may be OK with the looks and if it provides the features you are looking for, then it should be a good accessory for you.

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    The Grip Armour has a two-part design consisting of a pistol grip (Trigger Armour) and foregrip (Well Armour) portions that wrap around the magazine well. This product is an attempt to combine a bunch of features into one accessory. The Grip Armour provides an ergonomic pistol grip, enlarged trigger guard, knuckle guards, finger rest, magazine guide, magwell grip and an angled foregrip.

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    The pistol grip portion is installed just like a standard AR-15 grip. The foregrip part is attached to the 6 o’clock Picatinny rail of the AR-15 handguard. The whole assembly is compatible with mil-spec lower receivers only. The Grip Armour sets shown in the images are the 3D printed prototypes, however, the final product will be made of high impact polymer.

    The Grip Armour system is listed on the company’s website at a price of $147. The Pistol Armour and Well Armour are also listed separately each having a price tag of $73.5. Right now, if you hit the  “Buy Now” buttons on the company’s website, they will redirect to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page which is apparently taken down by Indiegogo. Hopefully, the company will fix this issue soon.

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