TFB Review: High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock


    It was some time late in 2016 that High Tower Armory, a small company out of Minnesota, announced that they would be making a bullpup stock for Hi-Point Carbine rifles. After a long time of refining and polishing this project they have their end product to unveil to the public. The MBS-95 (Modular Bullpup System) Conversion Stock is now complete!

    It was back in October 2016 that TFB broke the story that High Tower Armory had announced a bullpup chassis for Hi-Point Carbines. Then, in February 2017 High Tower Armory leaked a teaser photograph of the MBS-95 that was to come. Next, in July 2017 High Tower Armory grew the suspense in their product launch by floating us a pic of the mold for their Conversion Stocks. Finally, just days ago on Monday, June 11th, 2018 we published an article with more details about the impending product distribution.

    Now that the MBS-95 Conversion Stock will be hitting the market it only makes sense we send some lead down range, right? Stick around with us and we will provide you with all of the specs, range time and our after-thoughts.

    specifications: High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock

    The new High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock has taken awhile to get to market, but hopefully it will be worth the wait for Hi-Point hopefuls of a more ergonomic and attractive-looking stock. Here is the complete rundown of the specifications for this new conversion stock:

    • Compact Bullpup Design
    • Modular Assembly
    • Tool-Less Field Strip
    • Shell Deflector included for Ambidextrous Use
    • Melonited, Adjustable Steel Trigger Linkage
    • Melonited Steel Magazine Release Linkage
    • Fits ALL Models of the Hi-Point Carbine (including 10mm)
    • Made in the USA


    • Military Grade, Fiber Reinforced, Custom Blended Polymer Construction
    • Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodized 6061 Machined Aluminum Optics Rail
    • Mil-Spec Hardcoat Anodized 6061 Machined Aluminum Bedding Block
    • Melonited, Black Steel Ambidextrous Charging Handle
    • Melonited, Black Steel Trigger Linkage
    • Stock Length: 24 ½” (No Barrel Installed)
    • Overall Length: 26 1/4″ (Barrel Installed)
    • Overall Weight: 3.5 Lbs.
    • Sights NOT Included


    A lot of melonite finishing is present on the metal materials for this stock. The metal in most cases is also hard anodized and constructed to Mil-Spec standards. It also features a bedding block and could be assembled to a Hi-Point Carbine barreled action with no tools required.

    An overview of the MBS-95 Conversion Stock as provided by High Tower Armory can be read below:

    By offering some of the most advanced features of any bullpup conversion system on the market, the MBS 95 from HTA gives shooters the ability to bring improved ergonomics, serviceability, and maneuverability to the rugged simplicity of the Hi-Point Carbine™. The MBS (Modular Bullpup System) 95 is a radical deviation from other bullpup conversions, thanks in large part to its modular design. Assembly can be accomplished in minutes and field stripping in mere seconds. The stock is fully ambidextrous, complete with a reversible forward charging handle, forward magazine release, and a shell deflector for left handed use. Eight M-Lok® slots allow for the addition of extra rails and other accessories such as QD sling mounts. 

    Rounding out the MBS 95 is a durable, glass filled nylon body, two CNC machined aluminum rails, aluminum bedding blocks, an internal recoil reduction system, and an adjustable trigger linkage. Internal steel components are Melonited to offer the very best in corrosion resistance and the aluminum components are all hardcoat anodized for durability.


    range time: High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock

    Before we steam-roll through this review, TFB and myself would like to thank Andy Wentzel, the owner of High Tower Armory, for affording us the opportunity to shoot and see their stocks. I met them at the range and they brought with 4 different colored stocks to shoot and handle: Black, Arctic Gray, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green. A 5th color option that will be available to the public I did not see was the Desert Tan.


    All of the stocks are the same size or footprint, but they are in fact caliber specific. You should not swap them from .380 ACP to 9mm or .40 S&W to 10mm because of the potential for confusing ammunition. They are stamped or marked on the exterior of the stock for what caliber they are meant for and messing with that could lead to injury or problems.


    After a good 20 minute primer of the functioning of the stock and manipulation of features I got to sending lead down range. Even though the MBS-95 Conversion Stock does not have a spring recoil pad like the original Hi-Point stocks it had very smooth and easy to manage recoil. Little to no muzzle rise was present.

    The trigger I found to be the biggest downfall of the stock in that it was very average. This tends to be a fundamental problem with all bullpups though and will not be a significant black eye to High Tower Armory. Bullpups are notorious for having lack-luster triggers due to the linkage system required and this stock is similar. The trigger is not horrifically bad, but it is not superb for a bullpup either. It quite simply is par for the course in the realm of bullpups.


    The MBS-95 Conversion Stock will make a lot of left-handed shooters happy because of the multitude of ambidextrous controls. The charging handles are both ambidextrous (if you purchase a 2nd one as an added accessory) or reversible if you move the one the stock comes with to either side. The stock also boasts an ambidextrous magazine release that can be manipulated with a trigger finger extended straight towards the muzzle.


    There is also an ambidextrous toggle safety near the trigger, and the original metal flip safety on the left-hand side of the receiver remains present. This affords the shooter a total of two manual safeties.

    The handling of this stock was easier than a traditional Hi-Point Carbine stock as well. The slim pistol grip is not as thick as the original Hi-Point stock making it easier to fully wrap your hand around to have a solid, sturdy grasp. This slimmer pistol grip should allow for more acceptance (and likely more happy shooters) for those who are younger or have smaller hands.


    Overall, a Hi-Point Carbine dropped into a High Tower Armory MBS-95 Conversion Stock is much easier and more enjoyable to shoot.

    after-thoughts: high tower armory mbs-95 conversion stock

    OK, let’s just cut to the chase. This stock is significantly more appealing than a factory Hi-Point stock. It is more ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, higher curb appeal and generally feels better to wield and shoot. It is checking all the correct boxes for an improved stock.

    It also features M-LOK compatibility which is a big plus since M-LOK is winning the attachment design battle over Keymod. It also has top and bottom rail sections for the addition of a gauntlet of other accessories (apply tacti-cool widgets here).


    One removable piece I believe further improves the styling of the stock is the knuckle guard. By removing the guard in front of your knuckles (thus, knuckle guard) you can add in a sling loop adapter in its place. Multiple sling loops are already present in the stock and the additional sling loop adapter in place of the knuckle guard let’s the user easily add a simple nylon sling.

    Finally, the dis-assembly is very easy and requires no tools. It is easier than even the original Hi-Point stock to field strip.


    At an MSRP of $249.99 and the upgrades this stock can offer for consumers in the way of appearance, handling, ease-of-use and adaptability of accessories, I believe the asking price is worth the investment.

    Once again, thank you to Andy Wentzel and all the folks over at High Tower Armory for the pleasure and opportunity to take a look at their MBS-95 Conversion Stock for the Hi-Point Carbine.


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