GSL Technology Pill Box Suppressor Coming Soon

    Last time I visited GSL Technology they had some items that were not yet ready for public announcement. Their Boss emergency suppressor was one of them. Well they have just decided to offer their Pill Box suppressor to the public for the first time.

    The Pill Box Origin Story

    If you remember by previous article, GSL Technology – The Company That Built Gemtech, Greg Latka was the President of Gemtech and he was responsible for many of Gemtech’s suppressor designs as well as manufactured most of them. Just like the Aurora, which is now the Boss, Greg designed the Gemtech Pill Box. However the Pill Box was only made under a military request for a clandestine group. Because of this, the Pill Box was never officially sold to the public. Below are photos of the original Pill Box displayed in the conference room at GSL Technology.

    Original Gemtech Pill Box

    Original Pill Box lasered with Medicine logo

    Pillbox with Aurora and pen guns

    The Pill Box Today

    The Pill Box is a rather simple suppressor. It is rated only for .22LR. It has a keychain ring attached to a threaded attachment. The keyring attachment is threaded 1/2×28 so when you unscrew it from the pillbox, you can attach it to a .22lr firearm with a threaded barrel.

    With the rear cap removed the Pill Box looks like any ordinary pill bottle. Probably not a good idea to leave medicine in there and shoot the Pill Box.

    Below you can see the exit hole of the single wipe. Greg claims he has a customer who put one on a .22lr rifle and has over 500 rounds through his Pill Box and going strong.

    Here is a video testing the Pill Box on a Beretta Bobcat and Ruger American Rimfire.

    The Pill Box will be available soon. It is a single wipe so when you do wear it down you can send the Pill Box back in for servicing and Greg will replace the wipe. The Pill Box will retail for $285 MSRP.

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