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    If you recall, I got a chance to visit GSL Technology back in August. There I learned that Greg Latka, founder and owner of GSL Technology, was the wizard behind the curtain at Gemtech. One of the things Greg designed and developed was the Gemtech Aurora. Well he has continued to develop his original design and now that they have received patent pending, I can share the secret behind the Boss emergency suppressor.

    Some of Greg’s old work with Gemtech. At the back you can see the original Aurora on the left and the Boss on the right.

    The Aurora was never designed for civilian use. Only a few left over pieces were sold to the public. The Boss and the Aurora were designed by Greg Latka as an escape and evade emergency suppressor. It was made for the Military and can be used for Law Enforcement. Plain clothes officers could carry a suppressed handgun with a Boss attached. The Boss works great for home defense as a hearing protection device. Anyone who has shot a 9mm handgun indoors without hearing protection knows how small rooms can magnify the loudness and cause hearing damage. With the Boss, you can save your hearing along with your life.

    Boss Emergency suppressor

    Boss Emergency suppressor as it is sold and shipped

    See the Boss in the photo above? It is twice as long for a reason. Just like the Aurora, the Boss uses a combination of wipes and baffles. One issue with wipes is the ATF’s determination that wipes are a suppressor component. So replacing them is difficult. You can’t just buy more wipes and making them yourself is not technically legal. Wipes have a very short lifespan but work very well at reducing noise. So what do you do with a suppressor that has a short life span? Provide more wipes from the get go.

    The Boss is a modular suppressor design. The front half is mainly a storage device for your extra wipes. You will get four sets of wipes. This way you can test the Boss, show your friends and still have two sets left over. However if you manage to ruin all of your wipes you can send the Boss back to GSL Tech and for a small servicing fee, they will replace the wipes for you. They are also looking into having FFL/SOTs stock wipes so they can service your Boss suppressor and swap out the wipes.

    You unscrew the front cap off the front half. Unscrew the front half and screw the end cap onto the rear half.

    One set of wipes lasts about a full 17rd magazine of 9mm. Just like the Aurora, you can only shoot FMJ rounds out of the Boss. Wipes and hollow points do not mix. Also as a word of caution from GSL Tech, DO NOT SHOOT THROUGH ALL FOUR WIPES.

    Since the Boss is threaded 1/2×28 you can put it on other guns like a .22LR. After a set of wipes is used up I found that the Boss still works rather well on a bolt action .22LR. Or you can use a completely unused set of wipes just for suppressing .22lr and it will last a lot longer.

    This is what the wipes look like after one magazine of 9mm.

    In the video below I test fire the GSL Tech Boss and Greg shows how the internals are prepped and packed.

    Just out of curiosity I installed the Boss on a Beretta Bobcat and bolt action Ruger American Rimfire after I had shot out the boss. Even though the wipes were not suppressing 9mm that well, it worked just fine on .22LR.

    The Boss will retail for $425. They are getting the wipes made now and expect them to be ready in about four weeks. So if you are interested in getting a GSL Tech Boss emergency suppressor, contact your local Class III FFL and have them order one. In the meantime check out GSL Technology and the other suppressors they make.

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