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TFB has attended the Arms & Hunting 2018 exhibition which was held in Moscow, Russia. By the end of the month, we’ll publish several articles dedicated to the most interesting firearms and accessories that we saw during this event. In this article, we’ll tell about the new guns that MOLOT Oruzhie brought to the show.

GORNOSTAY Bolt Action Rifle

This handy little bolt action rifle comes chambered in one of the following five calibers: 5.45x39mm, 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 6.5mm Grendel and .366 TKM. The first impression from picking this rifle is how lightweight and well balanced it is. MOLOT engineers did a really good job in that department.

Probably one of the key features that make this rifle lightweight is its slimline receiver. It is really compact thanks to the rear locking layout of the action. In the following several images you can see the bolt of Gornostay rifle with its rear locking lugs.

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MOLOT Oruzhie News [Arms & Hunting 2018] (3)

TAYOZHNIK Bolt-Action Rifle

This rifle was earlier known as Yeger. They renamed it due to some copyright expiration related issues. So the barreled action itself was introduced earlier, however, MOLOT brought two new stocks designed for this rifle.

The camouflaged aluminum chassis is compatible with AR-15 receiver extensions, however, the pistol grip is a proprietary design. The rifle features KeyMod accessory mounting slots on the forearm. It is fed from standard Yeger/Tayozhnik magazines.

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Next stock option for this bolt-action rifle is designed to be fed from AICS magazines. It also has an adjustable cheek piece and comes with an aluminum barrel shroud/handguard covered with M-LOK slots.

VPO-214 Semi-Auto Shotgun

This shotgun has a mechanism of operation that is as old as the self-loading firearms but it is rather unusual to see it in a shotgun considering that the modern semi-auto shotgun market is dominated by inertia or gas operated guns. VPO-214 utilizes a short barrel recoiling mechanism. The barrel and bolt recoil together for about half an inch, then the bolt unlocks and cycles the action. There is also an accelerator installed over the magazine tube that aids the cycling of the action. Here is a set of photos showing the barrel travel distance.

The gap between the vent rib and the receiver is the distance of barrel travel
On its forward position, the barrel is flush with the ejection port.
On its rearmost position, the barrel protrudes back by the distance shown in this image. Note also that the gap between the vent rib and receiver has disappeared.
These were the most interesting new firearms and accessories that we saw at MOLOT Oruzhie booth during the Arms & Hunting 2018 exhibition. Stay tuned for more news from this event.
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