SAUER SL5 Inertia Operated Semi-Auto Shotgun

    Introduced earlier this year, the SL5 shotgun represents Sauer’s entry into the market of inertia operated semi-auto shotguns. The actual mechanism of this shotgun is designed in cooperation with Italian Breda company. Sauer engineers built the rest of the gun around the Breda action.

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    Thanks to Sauer’s Ergofit shims the owners can adjust the drop and cast of the stock by placing the proper shim between the stock and receiver. The shotgun comes standard with a 14.41″ length of pull. It is offered with either 28″ or 30″ long barrel. The overall length is 48.8″ or 51.2″ depending on the barrel length. This shotgun weighs 6.6 lbs in the shorter barreled configuration.The trigger pull weight is 5.5 lbs.

    All metal parts have a satin finish to decrease the possibility of reflecting light which is a benefit in the field. The shotgun also has QD sling swivel sockets.

    The SL5 has a 3″ 12 gauge chamber. If loaded with 3″ shells the magazine capacity will be three rounds and you can fit four of 2 3/4″ shells into the magazine tube. It also comes with a set of 5 chokes: Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified and Full.

    Sauer SL5 comes in a plastic case. In one of the European websites, the shotgun is listed at €1,845 which is roughly equal to $2,185. There is no information concerning the availability in the USA.

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